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[00:00.00] (rrting.com)44 Surprise




[00:10.84]A:What?You must be joking.


[00:15.10]B:No,I'm serious.she did marry him.


[00:20.27]A:But he's more than eighty while she's only eighteen!


[00:25.42]B:It's none of our business,isn't it?




[00:34.35]A:Wow!My wallet!


[00:38.32]B:What's happened?Is it lost?


[00:42.16]A:No,I found two wallets in my pocket!They look exactly the same.




[00:53.86]A:Crazy!He locked himself in the room.


[00:59.14]B:I think he was locked in it.


[01:02.80]A:But you can see the key in his hand through the window!


[01:08.15]B:What a strange guy!




[01:16.28]A:Good news,young man. B:What's it?


[01:20.95]A:You've passed the examination. B:Really?I can't believe it!


[01:27.33]Good Lord!


[01:32.06]A:Good Lord!Look at that man. B:Yes?


[01:37.99]A:He's swimming in the cold sea.he must be very strong.


[01:43.94]B:Sure he is .Winter swimming does good to health,I hear.




[01:54.68]A:Boy!What a beauty!I fall in love with her at the first sight.


[02:01.52]B:The \"beauty\" under the tree?


[02:05.68]A:Of course.No girl is more charming.


[02:10.53]B:\"She\" is a young man!


[02:14.69]My goodness!...


[02:19.86]A:My goodness!What happened?You have blood on your face.


[02:25.92]B:Oh,don't worry.I just killed a pigeon.


[02:30.78]A:How could you have the heart to hill it ?We only have one!


[02:36.63]B:It spoiled my painting!


[02:40.60]What a surprise!


[02:46.77]A:What a surprise!You had your hair permed?


[02:51.81]B:Yes,and another surprise.I'm going to get married next Saturday.




[03:03.12]How surprising!


[03:08.68]A:How surprising!I found the dog dancing outside. B:Our dog?


[03:15.24]A:Yes.How do you know it?


[03:19.39]B:I just drove it out of the kitchen.It had drunk all the wine.


[03:25.56]A:You're kidding!


[03:28.61]That's amazing!...


[03:34.39]A:You quit your job?


[03:38.54]B:Yes.I am going to work in a new firm.


[03:43.58]A:That's amazing!You got a good pay there,didn't you?


[03:49.04]B:That's true,but I can get more here.


[03:54.08]Oh,my God!


[04:00.25]A:They're going to rob the bank tonight?


[04:04.38]B:Yes.I overheard them talking in the room.


[04:09.42]A:It's sensational news,isn't it?Tell you the truth,they're rehearsing a play.


[04:16.57]B:On,my God.


[04:20.02]Good heavens!


[04:25.06]A:Good heavens!I seemed to have seen my aunt in a car just now!


[04:31.12]B:Isn't she in the U.S.A?


[04:35.07]A:Yes,she must be back now.


[04:39.14]B:You didn't receive any phone call,did you?You must be mistaken.


[04:45.39]This really is a surprise!


[04:52.15]A:This really is a surprise!You're home earlier than usual.


[04:58.50]B:I've get a bad cold.The doctor told me to have a day off.


[05:04.74]A:I'm so sorry.


[05:07.91]Isn't that extraordinary?


[05:13.97]A:Isn't that extraordinary?She got three gold medals at the Olympic Games.


[05:21.02]A:Really?She must be very hardworking.


[05:25.98]A:Yes.She began her training at the age of five.Now she's only twenty.


[05:33.24]That's extraordinary!


[05:39.70]A:He ate three bowls of rice and two chickens at a meal.


[05:45.86]B:That's extraordinary!It must cost you a fortune.


[05:51.43]A:I'm lucky this time.He suggested going Dutch.


[05:56.88]I didn't realize it was ...!


[06:02.95]A:I didn't realize it was so late!I'm afraid we can't catch the train.


[06:09.71]B:Don't worry.There's still five minutes left.We can take a taxi.


[06:15.77]A:Let's rush.


[06:19.01]Are you kidding(joking)?


[06:24.26]A:The father killed his son. B:Are you kidding?


[06:29.30]A:I'm serious.The son was so spoilt that he started to beat his parents and sisters.


[06:36.85]B:He's a beast.


[06:40.09]I must say...surprises me.

[06:43.87]我得说...... 令我惊奇。(较正式)

[06:47.64]A:I must say your words surprise me. B:What's wrong?


[06:53.28]A:\"Damn\" is a taboo.You can't use it on such formal occassion.


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