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[00:00.00]22 curiosity

[00:03.04]22 好奇

[00:06.09]Hey ,what's going on here?


[00:12.75]A:Hey,what's going on here?


[00:16.61]B:Well,Anny hurt her leg.We're going to take her to the hospital.


[00:22.78]A:Let's go together.


[00:26.33]How on earth did...manage to...?


[00:33.38]A:Did you hear that National Bank was robbed last week?


[00:38.97]B:Yeah,How on earth did they manage to do that?


[00:44.54]A:God knows.


[00:47.60]I wouldn't mind knowing about...


[00:53.45]A:What did Uncle Green come here for?


[00:57.84]B:Maybe just came by and drop in on us.


[01:02.56]A:I wouldn't mind knowing about his real intention.


[01:07.63]B:To borrow some money,most probably.


[01:12.18]I'd give a lot to know about...


[01:18.34]A:Elizabeth II sank in the deep sea,you know that?


[01:24.82]B:Yes,I've heard about it .


[01:28.89]A:I'd give a lot to know about that.


[01:32.94]B:They said she ran into an iceberg.


[01:37.33]I'd love to know about...


[01:42.66]A:Did they find a way at last?


[01:47.13]B:Yes,they worked out a plan.


[01:50.79]A:I'd love to know about it.


[01:54.63]B:But they wanted to keep it a secret.


[01:58.47]What's in your mind?


[02:04.73]A:What's in your mind,Cindy?


[02:08.39]You haven't moved a bit for a long time.


[02:13.04]B:I'm homesick.


[02:16.10]A:Oh,come on.The holiday will start in only a month and a half.


[02:21.98]Can someone tell me about


[02:30.15]A:Can someone tell me about the strange man?


[02:34.70]B:We only know he's a relative of Dr White.


[02:40.05]A:But he's not kind to Dr White.And they quarreled just now.You know why?


[02:47.31]Did they...at last?


[02:53.56]A:The criminal who had killed three cops escaped last night.


[02:59.33]B:Yeah.We knew this from the newspaper.


[03:03.98]A:Did they catch him at last ?


[03:07.64]B:No,they didn't.


[03:11.11]Does anyone know...?


[03:16.39]A:Does anyone know why that country is so poor?


[03:21.85]B:It's short of natural resources


[03:26.00]But I'd rather say it is because of the system


[03:31.04]What I'd really like to find out is ...


[03:38.12]A:The teacher said that four of us had failed the geography exam


[03:44.18]B: Yeah.Don't worry.You're not one of them.


[03:49.04]A:But what I'd really like to find out is who had failed


[03:55.39]I suppose it was ...,wasn't it?


[04:03.04]A:I suppose it was dangerous to fly in a spaceship,wasn't it?


[04:09.39]B:I don't think so.They have very complete safely systems.


[04:15.27]A:No wonder I seldom hear of the death of astronauts.


[04:20.91]I wish I knew more about......


[04:28.98]A:You seem to like Rose very much,don't you?


[04:34.13]B:I can't deny that.I wish I knew more about her.


[04:39.77]A:Maybe she's not the kind of girl you dreamed of .


[04:44.53]B:How can you say that?


[04:48.00]I wish someone would tell me about......


[04:55.08]A:Why did he leave without telling anybody?


[04:59.73]B:We're also curious about that.


[05:04.48]A:I wish someone would tell me something about it.


[05:08.92]B:Only God knows.


[05:12.29]It must be...,mustn't it?


[05:20.44]A:It must be wonderful being married,isn't it?


[05:25.20]B:It's not that wonderful as you think.A:Why?


[05:30.27]B:You'll know that once you get married.


[05:34.63]I wonder if...


[05:40.19]A:I wonder if you could tell me why the teacher kept him in the office after school


[05:47.04]B:It might be that he broke a window while playing football.


[05:52.81]A:Will he have to pay for that.B:I guess so.

[05:55.29]A:他一定要赔吗? B:我猜是吧.

[05:57.77]What happened then?


[06:03.34]A:The bear followed her to the house.


[06:07.91]B:What happened then?


[06:10.96]A:Power was cut off,so none of us saw the ending.


[06:16.22]B:Oh,that was too bad!


[06:19.98]I'm most curious about...


[06:25.93]A:Mary and Peter finally got the award.


[06:30.61]B:I'm most curious about how they achieved their success.


[06:36.07]A:It was perseverance and determination.


[06:40.93]I'd particularly like to know about ...


[06:47.77]A:You know something about the new employee? B:A little


[06:53.44]A:I'd particularly like to know about her past.


[06:58.09]I'm told she dropped out of school very early.


[07:02.95]I'd be most interested to discover...


[07:09.61]A:Have you heard about travelling in a spaceship?


[07:14.36]B:Yeah,everyone knows it.


[07:18.44]A:I'd be most interested to discover how fast a spaceship can travel


[07:24.19]B:Much faster than a Buick,I think.


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