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常用英语口语短句750 Chapter Six

[00:00.00]Chapter Six


[00:08.93]360.Anytime you\'re ready.


[00:17.03]We\'d better leave soon if we\'re going to catch the 6:15 train.


[00:22.07]Anytime you\'re ready.


[00:24.26]361.Could you excuse us. please?


[00:35.46]Could you excuse us, please? We have a train to catch.


[00:35.53]Of course. It was great to see you again.


[00:39.24]362.(Do) have some more.


[00:47.95]This roast beef is absolutely delicious.


[00:54.36]Thank you. I\'m glad you like it. Do have some more.


[00:58.57]363.Don\'t let ... get you down.


[01:12.18]I\'m really tired of all these meetings I have to attend.


[01:18.98]Don\'t let it get you down.


[01:21.58]364.Have at it.


[01:32.99]I\'m really hungry.


[01:36.08]Here\'s a sandwich for you. Have at it.


[01:39.18]365.How do you like that?


[01:48.50]This restaurant serves great fish. How do you like that?


[01:55.13]Sounds great. I love fish.


[01:57.94]366.Is that right? /Is that so?


[02:07.84]Mr. Brooks should he back on Thursday.


[02:12.77]Is that right? I thought he wouldn\'t be back until Friday.


[02:16.76]367.(It\'s) better than nothing.


[02:27.38]That part-time job doesn\'t pay very well.


[02:32.35]Still, it\'s better than nothing.


[02:35.45]368.(I\'m) sorry to have kept you waiting.


[02:46.46]Marty, sorry to have kept you waiting.


[02:51.00]No problem. I was a little early for our appointment.


[02:54.60]369.(It) doesn\'t bother me at all. / (It) doesn\'t bother me any.


[03:05.29]Would it be all right if I opened the window a bit?


[03:10.58]It doesn\'t bother me at all.


[03:12.78]370.(It\'s) good to be here. / (It\'s) nice to be here.


[03:23.08]Jack, Nancy! Come on in! We\'re glad you could join us for dinner.


[03:29.16]Thank you. It\'s good to be here.


[03:31.82]371.Keep (on) trying./Don\'t quit trying.


[03:41.04]We can\'t find the right person to replace Tom.


[03:46.62]Keep on trying, because we need a replacement as soon as possible.


[03:51.62]372(Well) what do you know!


[04:02.14]And if you press this key, the monitor picture enlarges.


[04:07.36]Well, what do you know! That\'s neat!


[04:11.89]373.What about you?


[04:23.38]I\'m attending a presentation on sales strategies.


[04:26.51]What about you?


[04:28.31]I\'m going to a presentation on advertising campaigns.


[04:32.09]374.What (else) can I do for you?


[04:42.60]Alex! Glad to see you. What can I do for you?


[04:47.42]I came by to seee if you could introduce me to someone at ABC.


[04:51.60]375.What makes you think so?


[05:00.92]It must be twelve already. What makes you think so?


[05:07.51]All those employees coming out of that office building.


[05:11.11]376.What was the name again?


[05:20.69]What was the name again?


[05:24.61]Bill Tanner. That\'s T-a-n-n-e-r.


[05:29.40]377.Whoa! /Hold your horses!


[05:37.18]Hi. Bill. Can\'t talk now. I\'m off to catch my train.


[05:42.40]Whoa! When are you going to return the $10 you owe me?


[05:46.82]378.(Would you) care for another (one)?


[05:56.51]Would you care for another one?


[06:00.83]No, thanks. If I drink one more beer I won\'t be able to get home.


[06:06.52]379.You can count on me.


[06:16.42]I don\'t know how many will volunteer to help with this.


[06:22.39]Well, you can count on me. I\'ll help.


[06:25.81]380.Cash or credit (card)? /Cash or charge?


[06:36.90]The dresses will be $175.00. Will that be cash or credit card?


[06:43.27]I\'ll pay with my credit card, please.


[06:45.72]381.(Do you) want to know something? (You want to) know something?


[06:56.74]Do you want to know something?


[07:00.66]There are some real bargains in Hong Kong.


[06:59.66]What kind of bargains?


[07:01.46]382.Don\'t bother me!


[07:11.86]Did you see the game on TV last night?


[07:16.47]Don\'t bother me! I\'m in a rush to finish this job.


[07:20.18]383.Fancy that! / Imagine that!


[07:29.76]I just won a free week\'s tour to Honolulu!


[07:34.76]Well, fancy that!


[07:36.85]384.for the first time in a long while


[07:49.16]My boss said something nice to me for the first time in a long while.


[07:55.96]Maybe she\'s finally recognized your good work.


[07:59.56]385.Have it your way.


[08:07.88]You like the grey color, but I want a green car this time.


[08:16.77]Okay, okay. Have it your way.


[08:19.98]386.How\'s life?


[08:28.80]Jack! How\'s life?


[08:34.20]Doing fine. How\'s your family?


[08:37.80]387.(I) can\'t say for sure. / (I) can\'t rightly say.


[08:47.91]Who will be the next prime minister of Japan?


[08:52.74]Gee. I can\'t say for sure.


[08:55.83]388.(I) can\'t say that I do. / (I) can\'t say (as) I do.


[09:05.84]You do know about the company training session, don\'t you?


[09:12.14]I can\'t say that I do. I just joined the company.


[09:16.24]389.It\'s on me. / This one\'s on me.


[09:24.67]Waiter, may I have our check, please?


[09:29.28]No, John, it\'s on me today.


[09:31.80]390.in any case


[09:42.49]In any case, we need to have new labels made.


[09:47.78]All right. I\'ll order them right away.


[09:51.09]391.(It) (really) doesn\'t matter to me./ (It) makes no difference to me.


[10:01.17]Does it inconvenience you if we postpone our meeting?


[10:06.00]It doesn\'t matter to me. Anytime is fine.


[10:09.88]392.(I\'m) (just) thinking aloud.


[10:21.98]Did you say anything?


[10:24.61]No, Joe. I\'m just thinking aloud.


[10:27.52]393.Mind your own business. /Keep your nose out of my business.


[10:36.85]I really think you and Nancy should get married.


[10:42.07]Pete, mind your own business!


[10:45.27]394.(My) goodness (gracious)!


[10:53.05]I lot my wallet while I was in the store.


[10:57.04]My goodness gracious! How much money was in it?


[11:00.93]395.Nice going! /Good job! /Nice job!


[11:10.15]Nice going, Nancy! You did a great job of organizing the sales campaign.


[11:17.64]Thanks. But I couldn\'t have done it without your help.


[11:21.24]396.No sweat.


[11:29.44]Thanks for giving me a ride.


[11:32.25]No sweat. It was right on my way home.


[11:36.36]397.Not anymore.


[11:45.57]Tracy works for Federal Electronics in the accounting office.


[11:50.97]Not anymore. She found a new job with a toy manufacturer.


[11:55.26]398.Sooner than you think.


[12:04.18]We\'d better go grocery shopping pretty soon.


[12:07.96]Sooner than you think. We just ran out of milk and bread.


[12:12.79]399.Speak up.


[12:19.81](softly) I\'m planning to catch the 9:15 train on Sunday.


[12:25.89]Speak up. I can hardly hear you.


[12:28.59]400.under no circumstances / not under any circumstances


[12:39.50]I think you and Joe would make a good management team.


[12:45.40]Under no circumstances would I ever work with him again!


[12:49.47]401.What if I do? /What if I don\'t?


[12:58.18]Are you really going to wear that coat to the office?


[13:04.81]What if I do?


[13:03.81]402.You(\'d) better believe it!


[13:13.42]If we don\'t get a wage increase this year, we\'re going to strike.


[13:19.72]You\'d better believe it! We all agree with that.


[13:23.61]403.You said it. /You took the words right out of my mouth.


[13:33.22]I think we need a holiday.


[13:37.32]You said it!


[13:37.38]404.What would you recommend?


[13:46.88]Are you ready to order, sir?


[13:50.88]I\'d like some kind of fish. What would you recommend?


[13:55.48]405.What\'s on your mind?


[14:04.20]Good afternoon, Mr. Thomas.


[14:08.48]Hello, Mike. What\'s on your mind?


[14:11.68]406.Am I glad to see you! /Just the person I wanted to see.


[14:23.67]Alan, I\'m sorry to be late for your party.


[14:29.18]Am I glad to see you! I was worried that you might have gotten lost.


[14:34.58]407.Please hold. /Hold, please.


[14:42.68]I\'d like to speak to Mr. Roberts.


[14:47.07]Yes, sir. Please hold.


[14:49.70]408.(There is) no chance.


[14:59.49]Is there any chance you\'ll be visiting our city?


[15:02.59]No chance, at least for the near future.


[15:06.30]409.You asked for it!


[15:15.62]The boss scolded me for being late this morning.


[15:20.34]You asked for it! Today\'s the third day in a row.


[15:24.55]410.Can do. /Will do.


[15:33.55]David, can you find the 1993 sales report for me?


[15:38.77]Can do.


[15:39.96]411.No can do.


[15:49.86]Will you be able to repair this fax machine?


[15:54.79]No can do. You\'ll have to replace it with a new one.


[15:59.90]412.(Can I) give you a ride? /(Would you) like a ride?


[16:09.40]Tom, I\'ve got to run now. I\'ve got an appointment downtown.


[16:13.62]Can I give you a ride?


[16:15.31]413.Could you hold (the line), please?/Will you hold (the line), please?


[16:25.82]ABC Corporation Could you hold, please?




[16:32.84]414.Don\'t make me say it again!/Don\'t make me tell you again!


[16:42.34]Johnny, I told you to turn off the TV and do your homework.


[16:47.64]Don\'t make me tell you again.


[16:49.83]Okay, Mom, right after this program.


[16:52.82]415.For Pete(\'s) sake(s)! /For pity(\'s) sake(s)!


[17:03.15]Have you seen my glasses case?


[17:07.44]For Pete sake, have you lost it again.




[17:20.14]We simply have to explain the situation and apologize to our clients.


[17:28.17]Gotcha. I\'ll do half and you do half.


[17:31.02]417.Heads up!


[17:40.23]Heads up!


[17:43.94]Thanks, Bob. I didn\'t even see that car coming.


[17:47.50]418.(I) can\'t say that I have. /I can\'t say (as) I have.


[17:58.30]Have you noticed that Mr. Wilson got a haircut?


[18:03.31]I can\'t say that I have. After all, he\'s almost completely bald.


[18:10.44]419.(I) couldn\'t ask for more.


[18:19.36]How are you and your wife getting along?


[18:23.36]Tremendously well. I couldn\'t ask for more.


[18:26.96]420.I couldn\'t ask you to do that.


[18:38.08]I\'ll be glad to drive you out to Narita when you go to L.A.


[18:43.20]Oh, Joe, I couldn\'t ask you to do that.


[18:46.33]I don\'t mind. After all, what are friends for?


[18:46.41]421.I kid you not.


[18:54.69]You own a BMW? I can\'t believe it!


[19:00.09]I kid you not. I just bought it last week.


[19:03.90]422.Let\'s call it a day.


[19:13.41]I\'m too tired to play another game.


[19:17.40]Okay. Let\'s call it a day.


[19:20.82]423.Lots of luck!


[19:29.93]I\'m going to try to persuade Linda to come skiing with us.


[19:35.62]Lots of luck! She\'s really busy now and she hates to fall behind schedule.


[19:41.52]424.Nice place you have here.


[19:51.31]Nice place you have here, Martin. I especially like this sofa.


[19:57.83]Thanks, Lousie. We\'re pleased with it, too.


[20:01.03]425.That\'s enough for now.


[20:10.25]How about another glass of beer, Cindy?


[20:14.75]Oh, no. That\'s enough for now. Tomorrow\'s a workday for me.


[20:19.43]426.That\'s the ticket!


[20:28.36]I know what! We can lease a computer istead of buying one.


[20:35.27]That\'s the ticket! Why didn\'t I think of doing that?


[20:40.67]427.That\'s that!


[20:48.66]Well, that\'s that! This video tape is broken and we don\'t have a spare tape.


[20:55.25]I guess we can\'t record the program then.


[20:58.56]428.What more can I do? /What else can I do?


[21:09.25]Is Alice still mad at you?


[21:14.08]Yeah. I\'ve apologized twice. What more can I do?


[21:19.19]429.What would you like to drink?


[21:28.01]Good evening, ma\'am. What would you like to drink?


[21:33.52]I think I\'ll have a martini, please.


[21:36.58]430.You been keeping out of trouble?


[21:46.55]Hi, Jerry. You been keeping out of trouble?


[21:51.37]Oh, yeah. How about yourself?


[21:54.18]431.You can do it!


[22:03.69]I don\'t think I\'ll ever get the knack of operating this machine.


[22:09.27]You can do it! It just takes time.


[22:12.18]432.Say no more.


[22:20.28]These filing cabinets are an absolute mess.


[22:25.86]Say no more. I\'ll have someone take care of them.


[22:29.57]433.Now what? /What now?


[22:38.28]I forgot to bring my sleeping bag and flashlight. Now what?


[22:44.80]Do you have a can opener for the canned meat?


[22:48.51]434.May I try it on?


[22:56.82]This dress looks my size. May I try it on?


[23:02.40]Certainly. There\'s a dressing room over there.


[23:06.18]435.Make a wish!


[23:14.89](singing) Happy birthday, dear Norma. Happy birthday to you!


[23:24.69]Now, Norma, make a wish!


[23:27.39]436.How does that sound to you?


[23:37.18]I\'d like to play tennis on Sunday. How does that sound to you?


[23:43.41]Sounds great! What time?


[23:45.67]437.the way I see it/from where I stand


[23:55.25]Which firm offers the best conditions?


[24:00.18]The way I see it, ABC Corporation has the best deal.


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