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常用英语口语短句749 Chapter Five

[00:00.00]Chapter Five


[00:06.16]279.Absolutely not!


[00:14.15]Have you ever been arrested?


[00:17.64]Absolutely not! I\'ve never broken the law.


[00:21.53]280.catch... later


[00:30.13]I\'d better hurry if I\'m going to get the bus.


[00:34.31]Okay. Catch you later.


[00:36.68]281.Cheer up!


[00:43.88]I\'m really worried about the drop-off in my business.


[00:49.10]Cheer up! I\'m sure business will pick up soon.


[00:52.52]282.Don\'t I know it!


[01:02.93]You really seem to be under a lot of pressure these days.


[01:07.97]Don\'t I know it!


[01:09.95]283.Don\'t say it.


[01:19.27]Going to Hawaii?


[01:22.76]Don\'t say it! I realize this aloha shirt is a bit bright.


[01:27.98]284.(I\'ve) seen better.


[01:37.09]How do you like this spreadsheet program?


[01:41.09]Oh, I\'ve seen better.


[01:43.50]285.I believe we\'ve met.


[01:56.10]Jack, this is my friend Sally.


[01:59.30]I believe we\'ve met. Nice to see you again, Sally.


[02:04.81]286.(I) hope to see you again (sometime).


[02:14.60]It was a pleasure meeting you, Tom.


[02:19.54]The pleasure was mine. I hope to see you again sometime.


[02:23.86]287.(I) read you loud and clear.


[02:35.74]If our section fails to get its quota, we will be in hot water.


[02:42.14]I read you loud and clear. Let\'s pull together on this.


[02:46.36]288.(I) can too.


[02:54.67]You can\'t win the tennis match.


[02:58.45]You couldn\'t even hit the ball the last time I saw you play.


[03:02.16]I can too. I\'ve practiced a lot since then.


[03:06.37]289.I can\'t thank you enough.


[03:18.86]Here, Tom. This is the extra J-League ticket I said I would give you.


[03:24.08]Great, Jim. I can\'t thank you enough!


[03:28.19]290.I\'d like to speak to ...,please.


[03:42.59]Hello, this is Bill Jones.


[03:46.80]I\'d like to speak to Charles Smith, please.


[03:49.93]One moment, please. I\'ll see if he\'s in.


[03:53.42]291.(It\'s) none of your business!


[04:04.84]How much did you pay for your new car?


[04:08.94]It\'s none of your business!


[04:11.86]292.(It\'s) good to see you (again).


[04:20.39]Aren\'t you Tom Watson? I think we met at Bob\'s house.


[04:29.60]Yes, John. It\'s good to see you again.


[04:33.10]293.Let\'s talk (about it).


[04:41.48]I\'ve really got a hard decision to make.


[04:45.80]Let\'s talk about it. Maybe I can help.


[04:49.40]294.Neither can I. /Neither do I.


[05:00.20]I can\'t understand how he ever got a job.


[05:05.42]Neither can I. Maybe he\'s the president\'s son.


[05:09.71]295.Not again!


[05:18.20]Eric is late for work this morning.


[05:22.52]Not again! Mr. Taylor will really be angry at him.


[05:27.24]296.One way or another / one way or the other


[05:36.82]How can we finish our work by Saturday?


[05:40.63]Don\'t worry. We\'ll finish it one way or another.


[05:44.92]297....or what?


[05:53.84]Was that a good movie, or what?


[05:57.84]It sure was.


[05:59.53]298.Speaking. /This is he. /This is she.


[06:06.95]Hello. This is Tom Barton. May I speak with Jim Smith?


[06:12.64]Speaking. What can I do for you, Mr. Barton?


[06:16.74]299.Thank God it\'s Friday. /T.G.I.F.


[06:27.43]This has been a hard week.


[06:31.14]Thank God it\'s Friday!


[06:33.55]You can say that again.


[06:35.75]300.(There is) no need (to).


[06:41.94]Would you like me to bring you a cup of coffee?


[06:45.94]There\'s no need to. I can get it myself.


[06:49.14]301.We need to talk (about...).


[06:58.93]Bill, have you got a minute? We need to talk about something.


[07:05.66]Sure, come on in.


[07:07.86]302.What number are you calling?


[07:19.06]Hello, can I speak to Maria?


[07:23.56]Uh, there\'s no one here by that name. What number are you calling?


[07:29.14]Sorry. I guess I have the wrong number. Good-bye.




[07:33.92]303.You don\'t say.


[07:42.85]They\'re going to remodel the showroom.


[07:46.56]You don\'t say.


[07:50.05]304.(It\'s) no big deal.


[07:56.96]Congratulations, Betty! I hear you got a promotion.


[08:02.76]It\'s no big deal. I\'ll be doing almost the same work as before.


[08:07.55]305.Do you happen to know...?


[08:17.23]Jerry, do you happen to know Ben\'s phone number?


[08:23.03]I\'m afraid not. Why don\'t you try directory assistance?


[08:27.42]306.in my opinion / as I see it / in my view


[08:36.64]I believe I owe you an apology.


[08:40.34]In my opinion, I\'m the one who owes the apology.


[08:44.66]307.(Are you) leaving so soon? / You leaving so soon?


[08:55.57]Thank you for the tea and dessert, Nancy. We really must be going.


[09:00.79]Are you leaving so soon? Sorry you can\'t stay longer.




[09:14.87]Mary, do you want to go with me to the computer show?


[09:20.09]Absolutely! I can\'t wait to see the new graphics programs.




[09:34.49]The manager sure seems like a tough character.


[09:39.78]Aw, he\'s all right once you get used to him.




[09:51.73]Today we have scheduled three proposal presentations.


[09:57.46]Check. This first is at 10:00.


[10:00.16]311.Don\'t you know? /Don\'t you see?


[10:12.14]I\'m sure that Mr. Bryant will be able to settle this problem.


[10:17.76]Don\'t you know? He\'s so wishy-washy that he is part of the problem.


[10:23.34]312.For sure.


[10:32.16]Will you be at the concert at Shibuya on Saturday?


[10:36.37]For sure. I\'ve been looking forward to it for months.


[10:40.58]313.Get out of here!


[10:54.37]I think I\'ll have a cup of coffee before I deliver this.


[10:59.77]The customer is waiting for this, so get out fo here!


[11:03.48]314.Heaven forbid. /God forbid.


[11:13.88]In the worst case, I guess we would all lose our jobs.


[11:20.29]Heaven forbid! I don\'t know what I\'d do if that happened.


[11:24.61]315.How could you (...)?


[11:34.01]I was so angry that I threw a glass of water on her.


[11:40.20]Oh, how could you?


[11:43.12]316.(It\'s) good to hear your voice.


[11:53.12]Hello, Pat? It\'s Jim.


[11:57.23]Jim? What a surprise! It\'s good to hear your voice.


[12:02.63]317.(It\'s) nice to meet you.


[12:12.42]Jack, I\'m Bill. I work in the accounting department.


[12:18.83]Hi, Bill. Nice to meet you.


[12:22.14]318.I\'ll get right on it.


[12:32.87]Please call the retailer and find out what their price is.


[12:38.09]I\'ll get right on it.


[12:39.89]319.(I) wouldn\'t know.


[12:49.21]Who is in charge of approving personnel transfers?


[12:54.90]I wouldn\'t know. Why don\'t you ask Peter?


[12:58.61]320.(I) can\'t argue with that.


[13:08.18]She is really a persuasive supervisor.


[13:12.90]I can\'t argue with that. She makes you want to work harder.


[13:17.40]321.(I) haven\'t got all day.


[13:28.24]Aren\'t you ready to go yet? I haven\'t got all day.


[13:33.74]Relax. The train doesn\'t leave for another hour.


[13:38.03]322.(It) couldn\'t be better. /Things couldn\'t be better.


[13:48.43]How are things going at your branch coffee?


[13:53.94]It couldn\'t be better. We have lots of new business.


[13:58.22]323.Let\'s do this again (sometime).


[14:09.17]That was a great dinner we put together.


[14:12.66]Yes, let\'s do this again sometime.


[14:16.15]324.Look who\'s talking!


[14:27.56]Here comes Jack. Late as usual.


[14:31.06]Look who\'s talking! You\'re almost always late yourself.


[14:36.35]325.My / my


[14:44.84]My, what a nice dress, Nancy.


[14:49.96]Well, thank you, Betty.


[14:54.24]326.Say cheese!


[15:02.34]Everyone is here now.


[15:05.54]Okay, everybody. Say cheese!


[15:09.04]327.(That causes) no problem.


[15:18.14]If you don\'t mind, could I go to lunch first today?


[15:23.08]No problem. I\'ll be glad to go later.


[15:26.06]328.Who\'s on the phone? /Who\'s on the line?


[15:35.46]Who\'s on the phone?


[15:38.95]It\'s my girlfriend.


[15:40.64]329.(You) can\'t beat that. /(You) can\'t top that.


[15:50.26]A full-course dinner with champagne for $30? You can\'t beat that.


[15:57.85]I\'ll say.


[16:00.34]330.You (just) wait (and see)! /Just (you) wait (and see)!


[16:08.44]I\'m really depressed about relations with our customers.


[16:13.44]They\'ll improve. You just wait and see!


[16:18.95]331.You made it!


[16:26.36]Hi, Jack! Sorry we\'re late.


[16:30.36]You made it! No problem at all. Glad you\'re here safely.


[16:35.04]332.(Are you) ready for this?


[16:44.26]The lottery results are in the papers. Are you ready for this?


[16:50.05]Did we win something?


[16:52.18]333.Come in and have a seat, /Come in and sit down.


[17:03.19]I hope I\'m not interrupting your work, Bob.


[17:08.88]Not at all. Come in and have a seat. Glad to see you.


[17:13.38]334.Don\'t I know you from somewhere?


[17:26.70]Excuse me, but don\'t I know you from somewhere?


[17:31.60]Yes. I believe we belong to the same fitness club.


[17:35.99]335.Don\'t tell me what to do !


[17:48.01]You shouldn\'t waste money on a vacation.


[17:52.40]You should put it in the bank.


[17:54.71]Hey, don\'t tell me what to do! I\'ll spend my money any way I like.


[18:00.61]336.Don\'t waste your time.


[18:12.02]Should I invite Adam to join our tennis tournament?


[18:16.63]Don\'t waste your time. He has no interest in tennis at all.


[18:21.24]337.For crying out loud!


[18:32.44]Bob, there\'s been an accident at your house!


[18:37.15]For crying out loud! What happened?


[18:40.07]338.for what it\'s worth


[18:50.18]What do you think about our idea?


[18:54.50]For what it\'s worth, I think it\'s great.


[18:58.00]339.Hold it!


[19:06.10]Hold it!


[19:09.08]What\'s the matter?


[19:10.96]There\'s a hole in the road and you were about to step into it.


[19:15.06]340.(I\'m) afraid so. /\'Fraid so.


[19:23.27]Is ABC Corporation unhappy with our products?


[19:29.17]I\'m afraid so.


[19:31.69]341.(I\'m) afraid not. / \'Fraid not.


[19:39.79]Will you join us in the tournament this year?


[19:39.79]I\'m afraid not. I\'ll be out of town on business.


[19:44.11]342.I\'ve been there.


[19:54.23]Committee meetings sure are boring.


[19:59.02]I\'ve been there. I know exactly what you mean.


[20:03.12]343.I\'ll put a stop to that.


[20:14.64]The secretaries are spending a lot of time just chatting.


[20:19.93]Are they? Well, I\'ll put a stop to that.


[20:23.89]344.I\'ll have the same. /The same for me.


[20:33.97][waiter] What would you like?


[20:38.08][customer] I\'ll have coffee and apple pie, please.


[20:41.78][second customer] I\'ll have the same.


[20:44.30]345.(I) would if I could (, but I can\'t).


[20:55.39]Why don\'t you tell Mr. Jones your opinion?


[20:59.39]I would if I could, but I can\'t I\'d be afraid to.


[21:04.79]346.It isn\'t worth the trouble.


[21:15.80]Shall I trim off this paper?


[21:19.84]Oh, it isn\'t worth the trouble. Let\'s use it as it is.


[21:25.31]347.(I) could(n\'t) care less(...).


[21:34.02]I\'m never going to speak to you again!


[21:38.95]I couldn\'t care less!


[21:41.44]348.if you would (, please) / if you please


[21:50.54]Shall I take these boxes to the storeroom?


[21:55.15]If you would, please.


[21:57.67]349.(have) (got) better things to do.


[22:07.18]There\'s a new disco opening this weekend. Want to check it out?


[22:12.86]No, thanks. I\'ve got better things to do with my free time.


[22:18.26]350(It) doesn\'t hurt to ask. /(It) never hurts to ask.


[22:27.48]Do you think Mr. White will give us the afternoon off?


[22:33.10]I doubt it, but it doesn\'t hurt to ask.


[22:37.31]351.I\'m off (to...).


[22:45.48]Bye, Jeff. I\'m off.


[22:47.86]Take care. See you tomorrow.


[22:50.09]352.No siree (,Bob).


[22:58.87]Are you interested in selling me your old VW Beetle?


[23:03.98]No Siree, Bob. I love that car too much to sell it.


[23:08.77]353. Run that by (me) again. /Run it by (me) again.


[23:19.86]Put your signature here, then take it to Mr. Rogers,


[23:22.99]and have him sign here and here.


[23:24.68]I don\'t understand. Run that by me again, please.


[23:29.90]354.Say when.


[23:38.33]Let me pour you some coffee. Say when.


[23:42.04]That\'s enough. Thanks.


[23:44.16]355.That\'ll be the day!


[23:53.38]If we do a good job on this contract,


[23:58.09]maybe the boss will give us a bonus.


[24:00.40]That\'ll be the day! He never gives a bonus no matter how hard we work.


[24:05.69]356.That\'s quite all right.


[24:16.20]Oh, I\'m sorry. I didn\'t mean to interrupt your phone call.


[24:21.89]That\'s quite all right. I was just hanging up.


[24:25.09]357.under normal circumstances /under normal conditions


[24:36.79]How long a drive is it to Boston?


[24:41.29]Well, under normal circumstances it takes about six hours.


[24:41.36]358.Who do you think you are?


[24:53.35]I was in line before you.


[24:57.64]Just a minute! Who do you think you are?


[25:01.63]359.Will this do?


[25:11.60]You don\'t have anything to put paper clips in, do you?


[25:16.64]Let me see ... Oh, will this do?


[25:20.24]Sure, that\'ll do fine. Thanks.


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