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常用英语口语短句746 Chapter Two

[00:00.00]Chapter Two


[00:06.16]70.Take it easy.




[00:19.08]See you,Marty.Take it easy.


[00:21.89]71.Your guess is as good as mine.


[00:34.49]Do you think we will get that big order?


[00:38.30]Your guess is as good as mine.


[00:41.22]72.Let me see...


[00:50.80]Who is the best saleman in your office these days?


[00:56.66]Well,let me see...I guess Bill Duncan is.


[01:01.78]73.Be good.


[01:10.16]Well,we\'re off for the weekend.See you Monday.


[01:15.28]Okay,Bob.Be good now.


[01:17.58]74.Be quiet (,please)!/please be quiet.


[01:26.69]Say,Jack!Long time no see!


[01:32.99]Hi,Bob.Be quiet,please.Mary is no the phone.


[01:35.90]75.Can I help you?


[01:44.90]Good afternoon,ma\'am.Can I help you?


[01:49.62]Yes,I\'m looking for a new suit.


[01:52.75]76.Can I leave a message?


[02:02.65]I\'m afraid Mr.Turner isn\'t here right now.


[02:08.05]Can I leave a message,please?


[02:10.14]77.Go (right) ahead.


[02:18.35]I\'d like to have an oppor-tunity to improve my accounting skills.


[02:24.04]That\'s just fine.Go right ahead.


[02:27.35]78.Go for it!


[02:35.23]There\'s a new position in the head office and I think I\'ll apply for it.


[02:41.35]You\'ve got the qualifications, Ann. Go for it!


[02:44.77]79.Of course.


[02:53.77]Are you planning to go drinking with us on Friday night? Of course!


[03:00.68]80.No way(,Jose).


[03:10.26]Don\'t you need some more boxes of copier paper?


[03:14.98]No way.We just got a month\'s supply yesterday.


[03:19.19]81.I(\'ll) bet.


[03:26.89]I\'ll bet you\'re glad you found a new job.


[03:31.79]I sure am.I was afraid I\'d never find one.


[03:35.78]82.if I were you


[03:44.82]Any advice about where I should invest some money?


[03:50.51]Well,if I were you,I wouldn\'t buy any stocks right now.


[03:55.62]83.I don\'t care.


[04:03.43]Is it all right with you if I move this cabinet?


[04:09.12]Sure.I don\'t care.I never use it anyway.


[04:12.61]84.believe it or not


[04:22.01]It\'s too bad we missed the bus.When is the next one?


[04:27.41]Believe it or not,the next bus comes one hour from now.


[04:32.30]85.come on!/Come on.


[04:40.22]No,Jack.I\'ve told you I\'m not good at softball.


[04:46.74]Come on,Adam.It\'ll be fun if we all play together after work.


[04:52.72]86.Don\'t ask.


[05:01.64]How is your boss acting these days?Oh.don\'t ask.


[05:08.16]87.Hang on (a second).


[05:15.76]I\'m ready to leave now.


[05:19.36]Hang on. I\'m coming.


[05:21.44]88.I\'m not kidding.


[05:29.44]I can\'t believe Mr. Smith is sending you to Paris for a week.


[05:36.24]I\'m not kidding. Here\'s the itinerary, right here!


[05:40.02]89. (I\'ll) be right with you.


[05:47.94]Scuse me. We\'d like to order lunch.


[05:52.44]I\'ll be right with you.


[05:54.13]90.(I) beg your pardon. /Beg (your) pardon.


[06:02.63]Hey, that\'s my purse you picked up.


[06:08.64]I beg your pardon. I thought it was mine.


[06:12.64]91.I don\'t believe it!


[06:21.74]The news reported that it snowed in Hawaii.


[06:27.83]I don\'t believe it! It\'s too hot to snow!


[06:31.82]92.(I\'d be) happy to (do something)./Be happy to (do something).


[06:39.31]Oh, no! I left my wallet at home.


[06:45.54]I\'d be happy to loan you some money to pay for lunch.


[06:49.25]93.Oh, yeah?


[06:56.84]It\'s your turn to pay for the drinks.


[07:01.67]Oh, yeah? I believe I paid last time.


[07:05.77]94.What\'s going on (around here)?


[07:13.98]There\'s a crowd of people in front of the office.


[07:18.48]What\'s going on?


[07:20.10]They are applying for the jobs we advertised in the newspaper.


[07:24.78]95.Cut it out!


[07:31.76]I hear you have a new car. I didn\'t know you were so rich.


[07:38.14]Cut it out! Jack! You know how hard I worked to buy it.


[07:42.71]96.Don\'t be gone (too) long.


[07:50.88]I\'m going to the post office to mail a letter.


[07:55.49]Don\'t be gone too long. We need your help here.


[07:58.91]97.Don\'t hold your breath.


[08:08.30]When will consumer prices go down as a result of the strong yen?


[08:14.60]Don\'t hold your breath.


[08:16.91]98.How do you spell...?


[08:27.42]Excuse me, Bob. How do you spell \"although\"?


[08:34.12]It\'s spelled a-l-t-h-o-u-g-h.


[08:41.42]99.It\'s (all) up to you. /You name it.


[08:50.24]Do you think we should make an appointment first or just drop by?


[08:56.22]I don\'t know. It\'s all up to you.


[08:59.82]100.if you don\'t mind.../If you don\'t mind!


[09:07.31]Do you want me to get you anything while I\'m at the stationery shop?


[09:12.13]If you don\'t mind, could you get me some paper clips?


[09:15.62]101.(I\'m) sorry to hear that.


[09:23.33]My father passed away last week.


[09:28.73]I\'m sorry to hear that. Please accept my condolences.


[09:33.34]102.(The) same to you. /You too.


[09:41.83]Good luck on your exams, Bob.


[09:46.87]Thanks, Mary. Same to you.


[09:49.43]103.Better late than never.


[09:57.60]Hi, Walter. Sorry to keep you waiting.


[10:01.78]No problem. Better late than never.


[10:04.98]104.(Don\'t) you wish!


[10:12.29]I\'m going to use the money from the lottery to buy a big house.


[10:18.59]Ha! Don\'t you wish!


[10:21.43]105.Don\'t work too hard.


[10:30.76]Bye, Bill.


[10:32.95]see ya. Don\'t work too hard.


[10:35.47]Don\'t worry.


[10:37.45]106.Good enough.


[10:44.08]I\'ll call you as soon as I get off from work.


[10:48.36]Good enough. Talk to you then.


[10:48.80]107.Have a safe trip./Have a safe journey.


[10:55.93]We\'re going to drive from Los Angeles Atlanta.


[11:00.86]Well, have a safe trip.


[11:02.66]108.Have you heard? /Did you hear?


[11:10.76]Morning, Julie. Have you heard about Nancy?


[11:15.55]No. What about her?


[11:17.35]109.It\'s for you.


[11:24.95]Who\'s on the phone?


[11:28.37]Bill Smith. It\'s for you.


[11:31.79]110.(I) havent\' seen you for a long time./It\'s been ages.


[11:42.08]Mr. Wilson! It\'s a pleasure to see you again.


[11:48.49]Hello, Mr. Jones. I haven\'t seen you for a long time.


[11:53.42]111.Keep in touch.


[12:01.31]Nancy, I\'ll be out of the office all day.


[12:05.81]Okay, but keep in touch. Something important might come up.


[12:10.63]112.Not at all.


[12:17.54]Thank you for your kind advice.


[12:21.86]Not at all. I was glad I could be of help.


[12:25.25]113.Who knows?


[12:33.85]When is this rain going to stop?


[12:39.14]Who knows? I sure would like to see the sun.


[12:43.46]114.(as) far as I\'m concerned.


[12:52.68]Shall we schedule the board meeting for Thursday or Friday?


[12:58.87]As far as I\'m concerned, Friday would be more convenient.


[13:03.19]115.Don\'t even think about (doing something).


[13:11.80]There\'s a famous traffic sign in New York.


[13:16.22]What does it say?


[13:17.92]\"Don\'t even think about parking here.\"


[13:21.01]116.Don\'t even think about it (happening).


[13:30.34]A fire here in the mountains? Don\'t even think about it.


[13:36.02]Anyway, let\'s be real careful with our campfire.


[13:40.24]117.I\'m not surprised. /No wonder.


[13:48.01]Mr. Jones was just promoted to district sales manager.


[13:53.92]Well, I\'m not surprised. He really has talent and works hard.


[13:58.85]118.I promise you!


[14:07.67]Will you really bring me a souvenir from Atlanta?


[14:12.67]Sure, I promise you!


[14:15.37]119.I changed my mind.


[14:23.69]Didn\'t you say you were taking two days off from work this week?


[14:29.81]I changed my mind. I\'ll take two days off next week.


[14:34.60]120.I\'d like (for) you to meet...


[14:43.31]Natsuko, I\'d like for you to meet my brother Joe.


[14:49.50]Hi, Joe. How are you?


[14:51.98]121.(I was) just wondering.


[15:01.09]Where did you get these desks?


[15:04.40]Gee, I\'ve forgotten. It was a long time ago. Why?


[15:09.34]Oh, I was just wondering.


[15:11.32]122.Maybe some other time. /We\'ll try (again) some other time.


[15:22.62]Will you be able to play tennis on Sunday?


[15:25.54]I\'m sorry, Bill, but we already have plans.


[15:28.67]Well, some other time.


[15:31.26]123.The sooner, the better.


[15:38.75]When do you need this job done?


[15:42.46]The sooner, the better. We\'re in a real rush.


[15:45.77]124.Trust me (on this one)!


[15:53.87]Are you sure you know how to install this software program?


[15:59.66]Trust me! I\'ve done it a dozen times.


[16:03.55]125.What do you think?


[16:11.94]This is our basic plan. What do you think?


[16:17.45]It sounds good to me.




[16:27.06]What time on Thursday can you come in to see the dentist?


[16:33.36]Whenever. I\'m free all day on Thursday.


[16:36.85]127.When you get a minute/when you get a chance


[16:45.85]Mary, when you get a minute could you call the phone company for me?


[16:51.14]Sure, what do you want me to find out?


[16:54.28]128.Who\'s calling (, please)? /Who is this (, please)?


[17:02.66]Hello. May I speak with Mr. Brown, please?


[17:07.96]Who\'s calling, please?


[17:10.66]This is Tom Jones.


[17:12.96]129.Would you please?


[17:13.07]Shall I drop this package off at the post office?


[17:17.46]Would you please? That would save me a trip.


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