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常用英语口语短句745 Chapter One

[00:00.00]Chapter One
[00:05.83]1.Excuse me.
[00:15.91]Excuse me.I didn\'t see you.
[00:18.61]2.You\'re welcome.
[00:29.02]You\'re welcome.
[00:30.53]3.Excuse me?
[00:38.63]We\'ll meet at 2:10 and leave at a quarter to three.
[00:44.53]Excuse me?
[00:45.76]I said we\'ll meet at 2:10and depart at 2:45.
[00:51.44]4.I don\'t know.
[00:58.64]Do you think we can fix this copy machine ourselves?
[01:04.04]I don\'t know.I guess we could try.
[01:07.03]5.How (are) you doing?
[01:16.64]Hi,Jeff!How are you doing?
[01:21.65]Fine,thanks.How about you?
[01:24.38]6.Take care (of yourself).
[01:32.27]Bye,Mary.Take care.
[01:35.69]Thanks.You do the same.Bye now.
[01:46.99]Let\'s finish this before we take on any more work.
[01:52.68]8.I guess(so)./I guess not.
[02:00.56]Are you going to the annual convention?
[02:04.67]I guess so.No one has asked me about it yet though.
[02:14.68]Is it okay if I borrow your bicycle?
[02:19.90]10.(I\'ll) be right there.
[02:28.72]John,would you please come into my office for a minute?
[02:34.22]I\'ll be right there... Yes,sir. What did you wish to see me about?
[02:39.91]11.Thanks (a lot).
[02:46.21]I will be happy to drive you to the station.
[02:50.03]Thanks a lot.
[02:51.83]12.Just a minute./Just a sec(ond).
[03:00.50]I\'m headed to the drug-store.
[03:03.60]Just a minute.I\'ll walk with you.
[03:06.12]13.What\'s wrong?
[03:18.14]What\'s wrong?
[03:19.73]I left my car keys at the office.
[03:29.88]Thanks for helping me change the toner in the copying machine.
[03:36.29]15.Coule I take a message?
[03:45.32]May I speak with Mr.Johnson,please?
[03:49.21]I\'m sorry,he\'s not here.
[03:51.73]Could I take a message?
[03:53.93]16.Guess what!
[03:57.71]Guess what!
[04:06.31]Paul brought in donuts for everyone to have at coffee time.
[04:10.02]17.Don\'t worry (about a thing).
[04:18.73]Oh,no!I forgot to call the delivery company about that package.
[04:27.05]Don\'t worry.I called them this morning.
[04:30.07]18.Good luck!
[04:37.56]I\'m runing in a ten kilometer race this coming weekend.
[04:42.06]Well,good luck!Let me know how you do.
[04:45.26]19.How come?
[04:53.47]You have on a necktie for a chang.How come?
[04:59.34]Yesterday was my birthday and my girlfriend gave it to me,
[05:03.16]so I decided to wear it today.
[05:05.42]20.Be careful!
[05:14.35]We\'re going to go shopping at Ginza next Sunday.
[05:21.26]Be careful!It\'s quite expensive there.
[05:24.86]21.Come (on) in.
[05:34.19]Nice to see you,John.Come (on) in.
[05:41.50]Thanks.How you been?
[05:43.81]22.Help yourself.
[05:52.41]Do you mind if I use your pen for a second?
[05:57.63]Not at all.Help yourself.
[05:59.83]23.Here (you are)./Here you go.
[06:07.24]Waiter,could I have a menu,please?
[06:12.07]Certainly.Here you are,sir.
[06:15.09]24.I doubt it./I doubt that.
[06:24.31]I can\'t decide whether to take an umbrella.
[06:27.73]Think it\'ll rain this afternoon?
[06:30.03]I doubt it.The weather report said it\'ll be clear all day.
[06:34.46]25.Never mind!
[06:36.01]Did you say something to me?
[06:39.50]Never mind!It wasn\'t really important.
[06:43.10]26.by the way.
[06:50.98]Do you need any paper supplies this month?
[06:55.48]We need a case of copier paper,and,by the way,a box of large index cards.
[07:01.82]27.Have a good time./Have fun.
[07:11.90]Mother,I\'m going to the beach now.
[07:16.51]Okay.Have a good time.
[07:27.45]The last mail pick-up is at 4:30.
[07:32.35]Hopefully,I\'ll be able to finish typing this report by then.
[07:36.45]29.Hurry up!
[07:45.05]The bus leaves in ten minutes!Hurry up!
[07:50.09]Oh!I didn\'t realize it was so late.
[07:53.19]30.I\'ll get it./I\'m coming!
[08:01.90]I\'ll get it.It\'s probably for me.
[08:07.30]31.What\'s the problem?/What seems to be the problem?
[08:18.32]Oh,I\'m glad to see you!
[08:22.93]Why?What\'s the problem?
[08:25.45]32.You\'ve got to be kidding!/You must be kidding!
[08:37.25]Tom just won a million dollars in the lottery.
[08:43.16]You\'ve got to be kidding!
[08:45.43]33.(I) hope so./(I) hope not.
[08:54.53]Will John complete the printout by this afternoon?
[08:59.25]I hope so.We need it for the meeting.
[09:02.45]34.All right.
[09:11.24]I\'ll meet you at the corner of Madison and Vine.
[09:16.46]All right.See you later.
[09:18.55]35.(Are you) doing okay?/You doing okay?
[09:27.37]Lone time no see,Bob.Doing okay?
[09:33.05]You bet!Yourself?
[09:35.25]36.(as) far as I know/to the best of my knowledge.
[09:45.76]Is July 4th a national holi-day in the States?
[09:50.87]As far as I know,it is.But I\'ve never lived there.
[09:55.48]37.Drive safely.
[10:06.39]Good night,Louise.Drive safely.
[10:09.99]Night.I will.
[10:11.68]38.I guess...
[10:21.26]I guess it\'s not mecessary to take an umbrella today.
[10:26.30]I don\'t know.Why don\'t you take one just in case?
[10:30.40]39.(It\'s) time to go.
[10:30.40]Eight o\'clock.Well,it\'s time to go.
[10:35.62]can\'t you stay a little longer?
[10:38.03]40.Do you mind?
[10:47.72]You should redo that drawing and make it larger.
[10:53.23]Do you mind?I\'m in charge of this,not you!
[10:57.11]41.(Do you) mind if...?
[11:05.65]Do you mind if I telephone you with a reply tomorrow?
[11:10.76]Not at all.I\'ll be waiting to hear from you.
[11:22.60]Everyone is here and ready to go.
[11:26.78]Excellent!Let\'s hit the road.
[11:26.78]43.Have a good trip!/have a nice trip!
[11:37.29]I\'m leaving tonight for Guam and I\'ll be ba back on Thursday.
[11:42.01]We\'ll take care of things here at the office.Have a good trip!
[11:46.11]44.How about you?/What about you?
[11:56.62]I think we should go to Hong Kong this March.How about you?
[12:03.14]I think I\'d rather go to Singapore.
[12:06.20]45.(I) just wanted to...
[12:16.53]I just wanted to say that we appreciate all your efforts on our behalf.
[12:23.12]You are very welcome,although I\'m not sure how I have helped you.
[12:27.80]46.No problem.
[12:35.90]Can I keep the book you loaned me for one more week?
[12:40.94]No problem.Keep it as long as you like.
[12:43.64]47.(That\'s) fine with me.
[12:52.85]Everyone else is going to eat Chinese food for lunch.How about you?
[12:59.48]That\'s fine with me.I haven\'t had Chinese food for months.
[13:03.98]48.Why not?
[13:12.58]You can\'t leave the office for personal business.
[13:16.65]Why not?
[13:18.16]49.What\'s the matter(with you)?
[13:27.56]You look pale.What\'s the matter?
[13:31.66]I\'m not sure,but my stomach hurts.
[13:35.44]50.Big deal!/(It\'s no big deal.
[13:43.94]Hey,did you hear that next year our lunch time will be extended?
[13:49.73]Big deal!What can you do with 5 more minutes?
[13:54.09]51.(Do you) know what I\'m saying?
[14:05.11]The executive council is impatient to proceed.
[14:10.22]Do you know what I\'m saying?I understand perfectly.
[14:14.83]52.Give me a break!/Gimme a break!
[14:25.27]I\'m thinking about giving this job to another person.
[14:29.44]Give me a break!I\'m sure I can handle it.
[14:33.15]53.Have a nice flight.
[14:45.03]Here\'s your ticket to Chicago,ma\'am.Have a nice flight.
[14:50.32]Thank you.
[14:51.83]54.Hold on a sec(ond)!
[15:04.43]I\'m headed back to the office.How about you?
[15:07.75]Hold on a sec,and I\'ll go with you.
[15:10.12]55.How (are) you feeling?
[15:22.87]Hi,Jane.I heard you were sick.How are you feeling?
[15:22.92]Much better,thank you.I had some flu.
[15:26.63]56.So (what)?
[15:35.95]The word processor you are using is almost an antique.
[15:41.17]So (what)?It still does everything I need.
[15:44.99]57.And you?/Yourself?
[15:53.19]Bill,you doing okay? Just fine,thanks.And you?
[16:00.90]58.Definitely!/Definitel not!
[16:11.30]Would you do me a favor? Definitely!What can I do for you?
[16:14.29]请问你能帮我个忙吗? 当然!请讲。
[16:17.28]59.Forget (about) it.
[16:28.58]I sure appreciate your helping me move to my new apartment.
[16:33.37]Forget about it! I\'m glad to help.
[16:36.36]60.Good for you!/Way to go!
[16:48.78]Josephine and I have been chosen to do the advertising campaign.
[16:54.57]Well,good for you!I\'m sure you\'ll do a great job.
[16:58.79]61.Have a nice day.
[17:12.11]Mom,I\'m going to school now.
[17:17.04]Okay,dear.Have a nice day.
[17:19.85]62.I\'ll call back later.
[17:34.14]I\'m sorry.Mr.Jones isn\'t in right now.
[17:40.04]Thank you.I\'ll call back later.
[17:43.17]63.I don\'t understand (it)./I can\'t understand (it).
[17:55.67]Why would they change suppliers at such a critical time?
[18:01.68]I don\'t understand it.Maybe they don\'t know all the facts.
[18:06.18]64.I owe you one.
[18:16.19]I\'ll drop your packages off at the post office.
[18:20.90]Thanks,Gloria.I owe you one.
[18:33.07]Could you call my boss and tell him I\'m sick today?
[18:38.18]Look,don\'t you think your boss is too smart for that trick?
[18:42.29]66.Make yourself at home.
[18:56.00]Emily,come in and make yourself at home.
[19:02.30]Thanks.Gee,I love you house,Mary.
[19:06.69]67.No kidding!
[19:19.11]My book was finally published after all these years.
[19:24.80]No kidding! That\'s great news,Bob.Congratulations!
[19:29.59]68.Thank you for calling.
[19:40.50]I really must go.Just wanted to tell you the new.
[19:45.72]Okay,John.Thank you for calling.Bye.
[19:48.85]69.that\'s funny.
[20:00.66]What\'s the matter,Bob?That\'s funny.
[20:06.35]I thought I put my appoinment book in my pocket,but I can\'t find it.

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