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[00:00.00]Lesson 28


[00:02.61]AN OUTING


[00:04.94]We were discussing where to go for an outing during the spring holidays.


[00:10.74]Some suggested the Guanting Reservoir.Others wanted to see the Great Wall.


[00:18.42]Then someone said:\"Why not go back to Anzhuang for a visit?\"


[00:23.56]At this we all cheered.Of course,we would revisit that beautiful mountain village on the banks of the Yongding River!


[00:33.62]The place was dear to us all.We had gone there the year before to plant trees in the surrounding mountains.


[00:42.45]We had formed close ties with the villagers.


[00:46.47]So early next morning we were off to Anzhuang on the 7:30 train.It was a fine day in April.


[00:55.95]Everyone was in high spirits.We could hardly sit still,for there were so many interesting sights outside the window.


[01:04.47]We saw new factories and well-cultivated fields all along the line.


[01:10.64]At Shijingshan we passed the huge steel mill and the power plant.


[01:17.19]Then suddenly we saw the green Yongding River in the valley below.


[01:23.10]Our hearts gave a leap,for we knew that in a few minutes we would be with our friends at Anzhuang again.


[01:31.38]They were overjoyed to see us.The old villagers kept asking how we were.


[01:37.54]They were pleased to see how much stronger some of us had become.


[01:41.69]Then some old friends of ours took us to see what they had achieved.


[01:47.02]New houses,larger schools,more sheep,more pigs and chickens,more cows and horses-everywhere we saw signs of prosperity.


[01:59.59]Then we climbed the mountains.The villagers showed us the trees we had planted.


[02:05.68]We were happy to see that most of them were growing well.At one place we found some young people digging pits.


[02:13.36]They were getting things ready for this year’s tree-planting.We all joined them in the work.


[02:19.57]But the time soon came for us to return.It was getting dark.


[02:25.37]We told our friends that we would soon come back to plant trees again.


[02:30.70]Back in the train,we told each other what a wonderful time we had had that day.


[02:36.32]\"An outing like this is certainly more exciting than picnicking in the Summer Palace,\"one student said.


[02:43.53]\"Or on the Great Wall,\"another added.


[02:46.03]They spoke for us all.



[02:52.28]A:So you are going to have a picnic in the Summer Palace!What time are you leaving?

[02:56.95]B:At seven.Five of us are going by bicycle.The rest are going by bus.We’ll meet at the entrance.

[03:04.82]A:You will go boating,I suppose?

[03:07.25]B:Yes,if we can get boats.Then we’ll have a picnic on the hillside.

[03:12.10]A:The park must be lovely,with all the flowers in bloom.Why don’t you take a camera with you and take a few pictures?

[03:19.92]B:We’d love to,but none of us has a camera.

[03:23.36]A:Why don’t you borrow one from Yang Ling?She’s got one.



[03:31.20]Adapted from Oscar Wilde


[03:34.47]Once there was a Giant who owned a large garden.


[03:39.14]When the Giant was away from home,the children used to go and paly on its lovely meadows.


[03:45.10]It was a most beautiful garden.Here and there over the meadows grew flowers like stars.


[03:54.55]The fruit trees blossomed in the spring-time and were heavy with fruit in autumn.


[04:00.38]The birds sat in the trees and sang sweetly.The children used to stop their games in order to listen to them.


[04:08.61]One day the Giant came home.He became very angry when he saw the children.


[04:14.69]\"What are you doing here?\"he shouted in a harsh voice,and the children ran away.


[04:21.33]\"My garden is my garden,\"cried the Giant.\"I will not allow anybody to play in it.\"


[04:28.25]So the Giant built a high wall all round the garden.


[04:32.56]It was now spring,and all over the country there were little blossoms and little birds.


[04:39.77]Only in the garden of the Giant it was still winter.


[04:44.63]The birds did not come to sing as there were no children in it,and the trees forgot to blossom.


[04:51.47]Only the snow and the frost were pleased.\"Spring has forgotten this garden,\"they said,\"so we can live here all the year round.\"


[05:02.00]The snow covered up the grass with her great white cloak and the frost painted all the trees silver.


[05:09.39]Then they invited the north wind to stay with them,and he came.


[05:15.01]\"I cannot understand why spring is so late,\"said the Giant,as he sat at the window and looked out at the cold,snow-covered garden.


[05:24.52]\"I hope there will be a change in the weather.\"But spring and summer did not come.


[05:31.44]Autumn gave golden fruit to every garden,but she did not give any to the Giant’s.


[05:37.76]\"He is too selfish,\"she said.


[05:40.56]So it was always winter there,and the north wind,the frost and the snow danced among the trees.








[05:58.53]the Guanting Reservoir


[06:03.57]the Great Wall








[06:17.55]the Yongding River


[06:21.94]the year before














[06:46.44]be in high spirits






















[07:18.41]keep doing something
































[08:08.25]the rest










[08:22.15](be) in bloom




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