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[00:00.00]Lesson 27




[00:08.05]Many centuries ago,Scotland was ruled by a king named Robert Bruce.


[00:14.89]He was a wise king and a brave soldier.


[00:19.20]When the English army invaded Scotland,Bruce took up arms and led his people in the defence of their country.


[00:29.49]Battle after battle was fought.Six times Bruce led his brave little army against the enemy,and six times his men were beaten.


[00:40.36]His army was scattered,and he was forced to go into hiding-in the woods or in lonely places in the mountains.


[00:49.92]One rainy day,Bruce lay on the ground in a hut,listening to the sound of the rain on the roof.


[00:58.54]He was tired and sad,and ready to give up all hope.It seemed to him that it was no use trying to do anything any more.


[01:10.71]As he lay thinking,he saw a spider over his head,trying to spin a web.He watched her as she toiled slowly and with great care.


[01:24.01]Six times she tried to reach the opposite wall to fix her thread,and six times she failed.


[01:32.00]\"Poor thing!\"cired Bruce,\"You,too,know what it is to fail.\"


[01:37.70]But the spider did not lose hope.With still more care,she tried for the seventh time.


[01:45.95]Bruce almost forgot his own troubles as he watched her swing herself out upon the slender line.


[01:54.86]Would she fail again?No!The thread was carried safely from one wall to the other.


[02:02.28]\"I,too,will try a seventh time!\"cried Bruce.He got up and called his men together.


[02:10.32]He told them of his plans,and sent them out with messages of cheer to his disheartened people.


[02:18.68]Soon there was an army of brave Scotsmen gathered around him.Another battle was fought.


[02:26.16]This time the Scots won and the English invaders were driven out of Scotland.



[02:37.00]A:There goes the bell.It’s time for physical training.Let’s go to the sports ground.

[02:44.75]B:What do we do today?

[02:47.00]A:We’ll run round the track first.Then we’ll practise the high jump.After that we’ll break into small groups.

[02:56.14]We can either play basketball or volleyball.

[02:59.30]B:That’s good.Our basketball team is going to play Class Three on Wednesday.We need a lot of practice.

[03:07.53]A:Look,they are already lining up there.Let’s run over and join them.



[03:17.36]There were some people in the southern part of Greece called Spartans,who were famous for their simple habits and their bravery.


[03:27.75]The name of the area in which they lived was Laconia,and so they were also called Lacons.


[03:35.51]One of the strange rules which the Lacons had was that they should speak briefly,and never use more words than were needed.


[03:45.15]And so a short answer is often spoken of as a laconic answer.


[03:50.95]There was in the northern part of Greece a land called Macedon;and this land was at one time ruled over by a warlike king named Philip.


[04:02.39]Philip wanted to become the mater of all Greece.


[04:06.13]So he raised a great army,and make war upon the other states,until nearly all of them were forced to call him their King.


[04:16.34]Then he sent a letter to the Spartans in Laconia,saying,\"If I go down into your country,I will level your great city to the ground.\"


[04:26.68]In a few days,an answer was brought back to him.


[04:31.18]When he opened the letter,he found there was only one word.


[04:35.72]That word was\"IF\".


[04:39.28]Robert Bruce






















[05:13.60]in defence of






















[05:49.60]give up


















[06:15.41]with (great) care




















































[07:44.93]physical training


[07:48.38]sports ground










[08:03.66]break into groups




[08:10.08]to play Class Three


[08:14.29]line (up)


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