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电视英语口语教材 26

[00:00.00]Lesson 26




[00:04.49]Long,long ago there lived in Greece a king whose name was Midas.


[00:11.36]He was a greedy man and loved gold better than anything else in the world.


[00:18.23]One day he asked the gods to give him still more gold.


[00:22.94]The gods decided to punish him and said:\"Very well;in the morning everything that you touch will become gold.\"


[00:30.69]Midas was overjoyed when he heard this.\"I shall be the richest man in the world,\"he said to himself.


[00:37.17]He got up early next morning.When he touched his bed,it turned to gold.


[00:43.15]He began to dress,and his clothes became gold.Midas was delighted.


[00:48.25]Midas loved flowers and kept a beautiful garden.He went into the garden to look at his flowers.


[00:56.08]The day was fine,the sun was bright and the roses were lovely.The king picked one of them,but it turned to gold in his hand.


[01:07.76]He picked another,and the same thing happened.He was sorry that the flowers changed as soon as he touched them,for he loved their rich colours.


[01:19.41]The king went to have his breakfast.He took a cup of milk,but it immediately turned to gold.


[01:26.47]Then he took a piece of bread,and that also changed into gold.Midas now began to feel unhappy.


[01:35.58]It was good to be the richest man in the world,but he was hungry,and he could not eat or drink gold.


[01:43.34]Midas went out into the garden again.His little daughter was there.


[01:49.32]When she saw her father,she ran up to him.King Midas was very fond of his daughter and he kissed her tenderly.


[01:58.94]Then and there she turned into a golden statue.


[02:03.43]Midas was now very unhappy.He went into his palace.His eyes filled with tears,and he begged the gods to take away the Golden Touch.


[02:14.32]\"I was very foolish to love gold so much,\"he said.\"Take all my gold and give me back my daughter.\"


[02:21.58]\"Go,\" said the gods,\"and wash your hands in the river near your garden,and the water will take away the Golden Touch.\"


[02:30.80]Midas went to the river and washed his hands.Then he ran quickly to the golden statue of his little girl.


[02:39.06]He kissed her again and she changed back into his pretty little daughter.


[02:44.26]Midas never forgot this lesson.He knew now that gold did not bring happiness.



[02:53.95]Customs officer:May I see your passport,disembarkation card and customs forms?

[02:59.64]Wang:Yes,here they are.

[03:01.89]Officer:Anything dutiable?

[03:03.93]Wang:Well,I’ve brought with me two bottles of Chinese liquor and a carton of cigarettes.

[03:09.62]Officer:That’s Ok.Please open the suitcase.What’s in this container?

[03:15.00]Wang:Oh,some Chinese medicine for my stomach trouble.

[03:19.11]Officer:All right.You may close it now.

[03:21.53]Wang:Am I through?

[03:23.18]Officer:Yes,you may go.Good luck!



[03:31.10]A farmer’s daughter was once carrying her pail of milk from the field to the farmhouse when she began to think and plan.


[03:40.89]\"I will sell this milk,\"she said to herself,\"and with the money I can surely buy there hundred eggs.


[03:49.93]I will put these eggs under hens,and surely two hundred and fifty of them will hatch.


[03:57.48]I will feed these chickens,and make them fat,and I will take them to the market when chichens are dear.


[04:06.52]I will sell them at the market,and with this money,I will buy a new dress.


[04:12.89]In this dress,I will go to the fair.I shall look so fine that all the young men will ask me to marry them.


[04:21.43]But I will toss my head,and refuse them all.\"As she said this,she really tossed her head.


[04:28.98]Down fell the pail,and the milk spilled all over the ground.That was the end of all her fine plans.


[04:37.63]The moral of this story is:Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.


















[05:09.66]turn to
















[05:36.69]a piece of










[05:50.90]be fond of






[06:00.36]then and there






















[06:37.43]disembarkation card


















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