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[00:00.00]Lesson 25




[00:05.96]Asia is the largest of the continents of the world.


[00:10.95]It is larger than Africa,larger than either of the two Americas,and four times as large as Europe.


[00:19.59]Asia and Europe form a huge land mass.Indeed Europe is so much smaller than Asia that some geographers regard Europe as a peninsula of Asia.


[00:34.93]Many geographers say that the Ural Mountains form the dividing line between Europe and Asia.


[00:42.32]Some think differently.But all geographers agree that Asia was once linked to North America.


[00:50.08]Or,to be more exact,Alaska was at one time connected with the tip of Siberia.


[00:56.74]The ancestors of American Indians,geographers say,were Asians.


[01:02.62]30,000 years ago they went across the land bridge and settled down in new homes.


[01:10.56]Only a small canal separates Africa from Asia.But before the Suez Canal was cut in 1869 Asia was also linked to Africa.


[01:22.73]The highest point of the earth is in Asia.This is the peak of the Himalaya Mountains.


[01:30.98]It is over 8,848 metres high.At this altitude the air is very thin and the weather is uncertain.


[01:43.24]So the climbing is very difficult.People take great pride in getting to that peak.


[01:51.28]The world’s great religions originated from Asia:Buddhism from India,Christianity from Palestine,Islam from Arabia.


[02:02.23]Today Buddhism and Islam are the principal religions of much of Asia.


[02:08.89]Asia is also the most populous continent.China,the country with the largest population in the world,is in Asia.


[02:18.50]One half of the world’s population are Asians.


[02:23.31]A Chinese is an Asian,a Japanese in an Asian,and an Indian is an Asian.


[02:31.69]So is an Iranian,a Palestinian,an Iraqi,a Filipino,a Singaporean.


[02:40.52]A meeting of Asians is usually a large gethering.


[02:45.33]The Asian Games meet every four years,sometimes with as many as 34 nations taking part.


[02:55.73]There was a time when Asia led the world in civilization.Today most of the Asian countries are still developing countries.


[03:05.99]They are working very hard to catch up in science and technology.They must.They have little time to lose.



[03:19.63]A:Glad you’re back.We missed you during the vacation.How have you been?

[03:26.18]B:Fine,thanks.I had a wonderful time at home.I did quite a bit of reading.Did you have a good time at school?

[03:33.55]A:We certainly did.We saw quite a few excellent films.During the Spring Festival we visited many places.

[03:42.59]We had a get-together with many old friends.

[03:45.85]B:So we all had a fine vacation.And now we must get down to some good solid work.



[03:56.83]One day the sun and the wind had a quarrel.The sun said he was stronger than the wind.


[04:04.98]And the wind said he was stronger than the sun.Just then they saw a man walking down below,with a hat and a coat on.


[04:14.09]The sun said:\"Let’s see who can make the man take off his hat and coat.


[04:19.79]If you can do that quicker than I,then you are the stronger.\"\"All right,\"said the wind,\"I’ll try first.\"


[04:27.94]So the wind began to blow.But the harder he blew,the tighter the man held his hat and coat.


[04:34.81]The wind could not make him take them off.Then the sun tried.It shone quietly.Soon the man took off his hat and wiped his forehead.


[04:45.20]The sun began to shine a little brighter,and the man took off his coat.


[04:50.51]It shone harder still,and the man began to take off his shirt.


[04:54.82]Then the wind said to the sun\"That’s enough.You are stronger than I.\"












[05:19.58]North America


[05:23.19]South America








[05:39.04]land mass








[05:53.02]the Ural Mountains






[06:05.04]dividing line


[06:08.17]link (to)












[06:29.77]American Indian




[06:36.72]land bridge






[06:48.14]the Suez Canal






[07:00.08]the Himalaya Mountains


[07:04.39]altitude n.


[07:07.99]uncertain adj.


































[08:10.47]the Asian Games














[08:36.70]a bit of


[08:40.31]quite a bit of


[08:44.23]quite a few






[08:54.60]the Spring Festival




[09:02.22]get down to




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