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[00:00.00]Lesson 24




[00:06.92]The classroom was very quiet.Outside,the leafless trees were white with the first snowfall.


[00:16.40]But not one pair of eyes strayed from the history books which twenty-five little girls were studying so earnestly.


[00:25.50]This was the year 1877,and the school was in Warsaw,Poland.A large part of Poland had been conquered by Russia.


[00:38.79]The Russian Tsar would not allow Polish children to study the history of their own country or even their own language.


[00:47.62]But here the teacher and her pupils were doing just that,although the Russians had spies everywhere in Warsaw.


[00:57.63]Among the children was Manya Sklodovska.She was a very bright pupil.She was deep in the book she was reading.


[01:09.75]Suddenly there came the faint sound of a bell.Manya listened fearfully.Was it the signal?Yes!Two long rings,two short rings.


[01:22.89]Every head came up.Quick hands grabbed all the Polish history books off the desks,and hid them away.


[01:32.06]The girls swiftly took sewing materials from their desks.They began to embroider little squares of cloth.


[01:43.26]The outer door opened.There stood Inspector Hornberg.


[01:48.54]Hornberg had been put in charge by the Russians of the private schools of Warsaw.


[01:56.19]He was a heavy man in a tight-fitting yellow and blue uniform.With him was Mademoiselle Sikorska,the head of the school.


[02:06.20]\"We have two sewing classes a week,Mr. Inspector,\"explained Mademoiselle Tupalska,the teacher.\"I read to the children while they work.\"


[02:18.71]\"And what have you been reading to your pupils,Mademoiselle?\"Inspector Hornberg demanded.


[02:23.73]She held up the book.\"Russian fairy tales,\"she said.


[02:29.00]The inspector gave a grunt of approval.\"Now,\" he said,\"I should like to question one of your pupils.\"


[02:39.01]\"Manya Sklodovska,please stand up,\" the teacher said quietly.


[02:45.49]Manya rose from her seat without a word,trying not to tremble.


[02:50.37]\"Recite the Lord’s Prayer-in Russian,\" Inspector Hornberg ordered.


[02:57.50]Manya recited the prayer in a low voice,careful not to show her feelings.


[03:03.33]\"Now name the members of the Imperial Russian Family.\"


[03:08.34]Manya gave the names.


[03:11.14]\"Now tell me,\"Hornberg demanded,\"who is our ruler?\"


[03:17.36]Manya’s face went pale.She opened her mouth,but the words would not come.


[03:23.96]\"So,my little Polish patriot,you do not wish to tell me who rules over us,\"the Russian inspector said.\"Answer me!\"


[03:35.56]\"His Majesty Alexander II,Tsar of All the Russias,\"she said.But her voice was trembling.


[03:44.52]\"That’s more like it,\"Hornberg rose from his chair.\"Now Mademoiselle Sikorska,I wish to visit one of the other classes.\"


[03:56.04]\"Certainly,Mr.Inspector,\"Mademoiselle Sikorska answered.


[04:01.19]When the door had closed upon them,the schoolgirls began to stir.


[04:00.19]Without a word,the teacher put her arms around Manya and kissed her.Manya was in tears.




[04:11.79]Once there was a poor woodcutter.Every day he went out into the forest to cut wood.He sold the wood he had cut to the villagers,but the got very little money for it.


[04:25.14]One day as he was cutting wood his axe fell into the river.He could not get it out.He called out,\"Help!Help!\"But no one heard him and no one came.


[04:38.80]Sudddenly a boy with wings appeared before him.It was Mercury.God had sent him to help the poor woodcutter.


[04:48.91]When he heard what had happened to the axe,he jumped into the river and came out with a silver axe in his hand.


[04:57.55]\"Is this your axe?\"he asked.\"No,\"said the woodcutter.Then Mercury jumped into the river again.


[05:05.81]This time he took out a golden axe.\"Is this your axe?\"he asked.\"No,\"said the woodcutter.


[05:13.85]\"My axe is not made of gold or silver.It is made of iron.\"So Mercury jumped into the river a third time.


[05:23.39]This time he took out an iron axe.The woodcutter was very glad.It was his axe.


[05:31.56]Then Mercury said,\"I see you are an honest man.Here is your iron axe.And I will give you the other two axes,too.\"
































[06:31.91]Manya Sklodovska




















































[07:56.26]fairy tale










[08:14.26]the Lord’s Prayer
















[08:40.43]His Majesty Alexander II,Tsar of All the Russias








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