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英语流行口语:100 Talking About Sports 谈论体育运动

[00:00.00]100 Talking About Sports


[00:08.10]is .....taking the lead?


[00:13.66]A:Is the Chinese team taking the lead?


[00:18.42]B:No,it's the Japanese team.


[00:22.36]A:Japanese teams always play a dark horse.


[00:27.72]B:Well,their team owrk is well worth learning.


[00:32.57]Can you tell the result?


[00:39.65]A:Can you tell the result? B:It's love all.


[00:45.61]Now the score is in our favor.


[00:52.56]A:Can you tell which team seems to win?


[00:57.42]B:Hard to say.Now the score is in our favor.


[01:02.98]A:Yes.Our guest team is really tough.


[01:07.74]B:They're still fighting hard.Let's wait and see.


[01:12.80]What's the score?


[01:18.13]A:What's the score?


[01:21.37]B:The Ukraine team took the lead by 3 to 1 at the end of the first half.


[01:28.22]A:The Russian team needs to tie the Ukraine to get the pass for the final.


[01:34.17]B:It doesn't seem to be so easy.


[01:38.61]....overpowered their counterpart....to....


[01:47.68]A:The Phoenix team overpowered its counterpart 86 to 50.


[01:54.23]B:They're absolutely right to get a replacement for 21.


[01:59.69]A:If the Phoenix beats the Rocket,it will enter the final.


[02:05.57]B:No way, if it still has 21.


[02:10.72]They manage a 99:80 victory.


[02:19.18]A:Which team won? B:The Spur.


[02:23.57]A:What was the score? B:They managed a 99:80 victory.


[02:29.50]The game ended in two all.


[02:36.03]A:Which team has won?


[02:39.90]B:Neither.The game ended in two all.


[02:44.44]A:But I still think AC milan's defence seems better organized.


[02:50.61]B:But the Brazilian is tougher.


[02:54.58]I think he favors the host team.


[03:02.62]A:I'm sure he was off-side.


[03:06.59]B:But the ref didn't whistle.


[03:10.43]A:I think he favors the host team.


[03:14.59]B:Anyway, the host team seems to fight for the gold.


[03:19.84]I think he deserved.....


[03:27.88]A:I think he deserved his gold.


[03:32.64]B:Did you see his last dive?


[03:36.40]A:Yes, it's perfect!


[03:40.24]B:He's diving for the gold.


[03:43.90]Is this your best score?


[03:50.37]In the discus throw,you scored 30 meters at the final throw.How did you make it?


[03:57.74]B:Well,I've been practising for 5 weeks.


[04:02.70]A:Is this your best score?


[04:06.47]B:No,once I did 32.


[04:10.91]He won the first place!


[04:16.47]No.164 in lane 3 achieved 11'16\" in the 100 meter dash.Isn't that something


[04:27.83]B:Yeah.He's the most experienced athlete in the field.


[04:33.48]A:He won the first place! B:Good boy!


[04:38.75]It was so perfect that it won a unanimous 10.


[04:48.00]A:Too bad you missed Jane's performance.


[04:52.68]B:How's it?


[04:55.92]A:It was so perfect that it won a unanimous 10


[05:01.09]It's one fo the highlights of the match.


[05:09.03]A:It's one of the highlights of the match.


[05:13.70]B:What? A:The wonderful passing Meladona did.


[05:19.27]B:Too bad I missed it.


[05:22.93]What do you think of....?


[05:28.88]A:What do you think of the Olympic motto \"Higher,faster adn stronger\"?


[05:35.93]B:Well, it's better than \"Friendship first, competition second\".


[05:42.13]A:Why?In my opinion,it doesn't matter whether you won or not.


[05:48.37]The most important thing is participation.


[05:53.12]B:I still think nobody plays for nothing.


[05:57.98]A beautiful.....!


[06:03.34]A:A beautiful center (comer-kick/heading)!


[06:06.86]B:And good shot! A:A goal!

[06:09.08]B:好球! 进了!

[06:11.30]I hope ....


[06:15.95]A:I hope the host team loese.


[06:20.40]B:That all depends on how the visiting team shapes.


[06:25.44]A:According to the papers, the visiting side is a strong team in America.


[06:31.92]B:But two players of the team have been booked and one is out.


[06:37.87]I suppose he's not in top form.


[06:45.60]A:What do you think of the former champ?


[06:50.15]There were some bad misses in his defence,so he lost it.


[06:55.92]A:No champion can remain at the top for ever.


[07:00.88]B:I suppose he's not in top form.


[07:05.33]They aren't evenly matched.


[07:12.30]A:What do you think of AC milan and the team of Argentine?


[07:17.86]B:They aren't evenly matched.


[07:21.81]A:Yes,I think AC Milan's foot work is much better on the whole.


[07:27.58]B:Yet the Argentine attacker is worth a bet.


[07:32.34]I'm amazed.....


[07:37.80]A:Did you watch the old-fashioned wrestling game last night?


[07:43.36]B:Yes,of course.And I'm amazed the those karate and judo boys were so heplless before the wrestlers.


[07:51.30]A:You bet.The wrestlers had got sound defences and they simply couldn't make it.


[07:58.88]What's your favorite sport?


[08:05.22]A:What's your favorite sopot?


[08:09.06]B:Swimming.What about you?


[08:13.19]A:Indoors activities,such as chess and gymnastics.


[08:19.15]I like....very much,but I can't play well.


[08:28.21]A:Table-tennis is our national game.


[08:33.57]B:Yes, I like ping-pong very much,but I can't play well.


[08:39.52]A:I can't,either.I like watching.


[08:44.07]I'm doing it for....


[08:50.55]A:I hear you jog every day.


[08:55.09]B:I'm doing it for fun and fitness.


[08:59.64]A:I think maybe one day you can take part in the walking race.


[09:05.28]B:At the age of 64?You're kidding!


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