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英语流行口语:52.Worry and Fear担心与恐惧

[00:00.00] (rrting.com)52 Worry and Fear


[00:07.00]...gives me the creeps.


[00:12.88]A:Look out! B:What's it?


[00:17.42]A:You must have rolled over something just now.


[00:21.50]B:What you said gives me the creeps!


[00:25.65]I'm worried sick that...


[00:31.58]A:I'm worried sick that she might leave me one day.


[00:36.55]B:I'll teach you how to keep her.A:Tell me,please.


[00:42.19]B:After you've solved this problem for me.


[00:46.63]I'm really in a flap about...


[00:52.40]A:I'm really in a flap about the interview.


[00:56.84]B:Take it easy.you've made enough preparations.


[01:01.88]I'm in such a need of the job that I can't afford any mistakes.


[01:08.73]B:I'm sure you'll pass it.


[01:12.49]I'm scared that...


[01:17.84]A:I'm scared that she might not come back.


[01:22.10]B:No,I don't think she's that strong-minded.


[01:27.46]A:But she took her luggage away with her.


[01:31.59]B:She will be back soon.You can wait and see.


[01:36.73]I was scared stiff of...


[01:43.58]A:I was scared stiff of giving my first performance.


[01:49.45]B;Were you?your performancce was excellent.


[01:54.42]A:Thank you for your kindly words.


[01:58.28]I was afraid to...


[02:03.01]A:I dreamt of God last night.


[02:07.37]b:Yes?Did you say hello to Him?


[02:11.50]No,I was afraid to talk to Him in case He would find out my degraded soul.


[02:18.27]I don't know what to do.


[02:24.51]A:I don't know what to do,if I can't find the money.


[02:30.15]B:Don't worry yourself too much.


[02:34.12]A:It's a large sum of money.I can't afford to lose it.


[02:39.48]I'm afraid of...


[02:44.44]A:Do you like snakes?


[02:48.28]B:Of course not.I'm afraid of them.


[02:52.54]A:I mean,do you like snake meat?


[02:56.90]B:I'm afraid I'll feel sick at the sight of it.


[03:01.47]You frightened me to death,


[03:07.82]A:Staying out all night,you frightened me to death.


[03:13.28]B:I stayed with my friends.


[03:17.15]A:You should at least give me a call.


[03:21.09]B:I'm sorry,Mum.


[03:24.15]I'm really terrified of...


[03:30.10]A:You know something?I met my uncle yesterday.


[03:35.56]B:It's nothing special.


[03:39.32]A:But my unmcle died years ago.


[03:43.48]B:Oh,stop! I'm really terrfied of hearing that kind of stories.


[03:49.96]I was terrified out of my mind when...


[03:57.71]A:Are you all right?


[04:01.48]B:I'll be all fight soon.


[04:05.24]I was terrified out of my mind when I watched him fall from the wire.


[04:11.59]A:Don't worry.He's an acrobat. B:I see.


[04:16.55]I'm frightened to...


[04:21.80]A:I'm frightened to fly a hot-air balloon.


[04:26.87]B:Have you ever done that?it must be very exciting.


[04:32.43]A:Unfortunately,I can't enjoy it.The floating scene made me dizzy.


[04:39.09]B:What a pity!


[04:42.15]I'm really terrified to ...


[04:48.39]A:I'm really terrified to witness the slaughter.


[04:53.25]B:cone on,dear.You didn't witness any slaughter.It was a movie.


[04:59.21]A:But it's a movie reflecting history.


[05:03.65]I'm worrying that...


[05:09.21]A:I'm worrying that she may be lost.


[05:14.46]B:Be relaxed.She's familiar with the area.


[05:19.63]A:After all,she's a 5-year-old kid.


[05:24.18]B:OK.I'll go out and look for her.


[05:28.86]You terrified me out of my wits,


[05:35.80]A:Saying you wanted to kikk yourself,you terrified me out of my wits.


[05:42.05]B:I was making a joke on you.


[05:46.10]A:That's too much.


[05:49.62]B:Dear,forgive me.I won't do it again.


[05:54.48]It's a worry to me...


[06:00.05]A:It's a worry to me whether he's able to pass the exam or not.


[06:05.79]B:I think he's able to pass with your help.


[06:10.47]A:I'm not so sure.


[06:14.00]B:He's been working hard recently,hasn't he?


[06:18.83]I must admit I was rather disturbed to...


[06:28.36]A:Have you heard that the earth will explode in 1999?


[06:34.92]B:No,I never listen to the gossip.


[06:39.49]It's not gossip.I came across it in a book written by a great prophet.


[06:46.94]I must admit I'm rather disturbed to hear it.


[06:51.90]I fear for...


[06:59.47]I fear for the safety of those mountain-climbers in this sudden bad weather.


[07:06.42]B:Just sit down and relax yourself.


[07:10.99]A:How can you be so assured?


[07:14.94]B:We've been watching them attentively through the monitor.


[07:19.69]I was petrified to...


[07:25.75]A:Did you enjoy your trip to africa?


[07:30.51]B:Yes,I did.It was so exciting.


[07:35.26]A:Anything special to tell me?


[07:39.21]B:I was petrified to see a huge rhino bearing down on me.


[07:44.98]...give some cause for concern.


[07:51.82]A:Serious pollution in modern cities gives some cause for concern.


[07:58.67]B:Yeah,we're breathing poisonous air every day.


[08:03.71]A:I think it's time for the govemment to take action.


[08:08.86]B:I absolutely agree with you.


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