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[00:00.00]39 Persuasion

[00:03.15]39 劝说

[00:06.30]You're not going to let me down,are you?


[00:12.96]A:Come on,George,let's learn another new word.


[00:17.92]Oh,no.I'm sick of new words.


[00:22.47]A:This is the last one.You're not going to let me down,are you?


[00:28.71]Just make me happy,Ok?


[00:35.47]A:Lily,have some more sandwiches.


[00:40.33]B:Thanks,Mum.I'm full.


[00:45.09]A:Just make me happy,ok?


[00:49.45]B:You're cruel,Mum.


[00:53.11]Are you really sure...?


[00:59.27]A:Are you really sure you can't pick out the wrong one?


[01:04.34]B:No,I can't.Why are you so hard on me?


[01:09.30]A:It's good for you to find it yourself,boy.


[01:14.06]Are you sure you ought to...?


[01:22.00]A:Are you sure you ought to somke when you're driving?


[01:26.96]B:Why?Somking won't disturb driving.


[01:31.64]A:More or less it will.You'd better not do that again.B:All right.


[01:38.48]Be honest,you'll ...


[01:45.46]A:Would you like to work with me?


[01:49.30]B:I'm not ready to quit my job.


[01:53.74]A:Be honest,you'll make a fortune out of it.


[01:58.49]B:I'll think it over.


[02:01.86]But every little helps,doesn't it?


[02:11.60]A:How are you getting on with your studies?


[02:16.15]B:I find it boring and useless!


[02:20.38]A:But every little helps,doesn't it?


[02:24.61]B:Yes,it's too hard,you know.


[02:28.85]But it worth the risk?


[02:36.11]A:What?Your jewel necklace is lost?


[02:40.84]B:Yeah.I just can't find it anywhere.


[02:45.49]A:It must have been stolen by the few thieves.I'll get it back for you


[02:51.86]B:But is it worth the risk?


[02:55.39]But supposing...,what do you think then?


[03:03.22]A:The cat's eaten my bird;I'll kill it.


[03:08.97]B:But supposing your son killed the bird,what do you think then?


[03:14.74]A:I'll beat him.


[03:17.90]B:So beat the cat,but don't kill it.


[03:22.95]But what about...?


[03:28.82]A:Must we go on walking?B:You bet.


[03:33.79]A:But what about being caught in a heavy rain?


[03:38.64]B:We'll stop when we meet it.


[03:42.12]Do let me...


[03:47.08]A:This problem is too difficult for me.


[03:51.44]B:Can I help you?


[03:54.50]A:I don't think you can.


[03:57.98]B:Do let me have a try.


[04:01.74]Do you think you could ...?


[04:07.80]A:Do you think you could go a little slower?


[04:12.66]B:Oh,sorry.I'm used to walking fast.


[04:17.52]A:But I feel exhausted.


[04:21.07]B:Ok.I'll try to slow down.


[04:25.82]I just don't see why we shouldn't...


[04:33.97]A:I just don't see why we shouldn't have a try


[04:38.94]B:It's too dangerous


[04:42.38]A:Nothing venture,nothing gain.


[04:46.75]B:But we can't afford any failure.


[04:51.00]I really think you'd do well to...


[04:58.87]A:I really think you'd do well to tell a story to the children


[05:04.14]B:What kind of story shall I tell?


[05:08.40]A:Something llike fairytales B:Good idea.


[05:12.76]It wouldn't hurt to...


[05:18.33]A:They want to invite me to their party.


[05:22.77]B:That's good!


[05:25.62]A:But I don't feel like going to parties.So I've declined the invitation


[05:32.07]B:Why?It wouldn't hurt to make friends.


[05:36.93]It's a pity if we can't...


[05:45.39]A:Could you put off the deadline till the next month?


[05:50.25]B:I'm afraid not.


[05:53.41]A:It's a pity if we can't compromise on it.


[05:57.85]B:I can't help.


[06:00.91]I've never asked you anything,so please.


[06:10.86]A:I'm extremely busy recently,so I'm afraid I can't spare time on you.


[06:18.12]B:I've never asked you anythng,so please.


[06:23.19]A:Mm,I'll try my best,but I'm not sure whether I can manage it


[06:29.64]B:Thanks a lot.


[06:33.09]Let's be sensible.Nobody will lose anything.


[06:43.75]A:We'll have to end the relationship


[06:48.29]B:Isn't there anything you cherish?


[06:52.55]A:Let's be sensible.Nobody will lose anything.


[06:57.83]B:I didn't suppose you're such a person.


[07:02.69]You'd sure hate to...


[07:09.24]A:Save your work now.You'd sure hate to do that all over again


[07:15.41]B:Thank you for reminding me.


[07:19.25]A:That's OK.I learned the lesson from my prvious mistake


[07:25.10]What if...?


[07:31.16]A:The stairs have worn out.You'd better have them fixed.


[07:37.22]B:Don't you see I'm busy mow?


[07:41.09]A:What if the stairs collapse?


[07:44.85]B:I'll be still busier.OK,I'll fix them myself.


[07:51.01]Can I persuade you that...


[07:58.17]A:Can I persuade you that I'm an engineer good enough to make the judgement?


[08:04.62]B:I can't feel reassured anyway.


[08:08.57]A:What do you worry about?I've learned a lot.


[08:13.11]B:The point is that you're short of practical experience


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