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[00:00.00]38 Permission

[00:02.85]38 允许

[00:05.69]All right if I...?


[00:11.55]A:All right if I take a few days off?B:Please do.


[00:17.21]A:Then you have to do the work all by yourself.


[00:21.66]B:That's all right.




[00:30.69]A:Is fishing allowed in the lake?


[00:34.77]B:No,you'll be fined if you try that.


[00:39.63]A:Oh,thank you for telling me all this


[00:43.99]Ok if I...?


[00:50.55]A:Ok if I play the flute now?


[00:55.51]B:All right,but wait till I call the doctor.


[01:00.37]A:What's the matter?


[01:03.43]B:In case I am driven crazy by your magic flute.


[01:08.39]A:My God.I'd better not play it.


[01:13.25]B:Go ahead.I' only joking!


[01:17.01]Can I...?


[01:22.65]A:Can I go home on vacation?


[01:27.01]B:Of course you can.I don't see any reason why not.


[01:32.66]A:You need my hand,don't you?


[01:36.73]B:Yes,but I think I can manage.


[01:41.28]Could I ...?


[01:46.84]A:Could I buy a new shirt?It's only 50 yuan.


[01:52.61]B:Go ahead.It's not very expensive.


[01:56.98]A:I haven't enough money on me.Could you lend me some?


[02:02.33]B:All right .Here you are.


[02:06.17]Do you mind if I ...?


[02:13.15]A:Do you mind if I change the channel?


[02:17.59]B:No,not at all.The program is so boring.


[02:22.73]A:What do you prefer,TV series or TV serials?


[02:29.26]B:It all depends.


[02:32.53]Would it be all right if I...?


[02:39.90]A:Would it be all right if I turn in the paper next Monday?


[02:45.64]I'm afraid I can't finish it this Friday.


[02:50.11]B:You can hand in next Monday,but you'd better get ready for an\"F\"


[02:56.88]You've been putting it off quite a few days.


[03:01.73]A:I'm sorry.I'll try too avoid an\"F\"


[03:06.59]I was wondering if I could ...


[03:14.74]A:I was wondering if I could go fishing on Sunday.


[03:19.92]B:I'd rather you didn't.Your exam is coming.


[03:24.36]A:Don't worry.I'm well prepared for it.


[03:29.11]B:How come you are so confident?


[03:33.26]Would you mind if I...?


[03:39.72]A:Would you mind if I smoke here?


[03:43.76]B:No,I wouldn't mind at all.


[03:47.74]A:Thank you .It's nice of you.By the way,would you have a smoke?




[03:56.85]Would it be possible for me to ...?


[04:03.70]A:Would it be possible for me to put off the work till a later day?


[04:09.76]B:Well,I'd rather you didn't if you don't mind.


[04:15.03]A:It's not so urgent,is it?


[04:19.40]B:No.But it's a bad habit to delay doing things.


[04:24.75]Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today.


[04:29.40]Do you think I could ...?


[04:35.25]A:Do you think I could put my books here?


[04:39.61]B:Yes,please do.There's plenty of room


[04:44.37]A:Won't that be too much bother?


[04:48.03]B:No bother at all.A:Thank you.


[04:52.60]Are people allowed to do...?


[04:59.36]A:Are people allowed to marry twice in China?


[05:04.22]I mean,is it legal to have two wives or two husbands at the same time?


[05:10.88]B:Definitely not.But in the past,a man could have as many wives as he pleased


[05:18.64]A:It's true of a religious section in America years ago.


[05:24.10]B:I am told a man can have many wives in some countries even mowadays.


[05:30.87]A:That's ridiculous.


[05:34.71]Do I have your permission to...?


[05:41.08]A:Do I have your permission to sit in the front of the auditorium?


[05:46.41]B:I'm afraid not.Those seats are saved for the VIPs.I'm sorry


[05:53.36]A:It doesn't matter.I can take seat in the back.


[05:58.50]I hope you don't mind my...?


[06:05.14]A:I hope you don't mind my having the book for a moment?


[06:10.70]B:Let me see.Mm...I'm afraid not.I'll use it soon.


[06:18.36]You might ask Jim


[06:21.91]A:Ok.Hope I'm in luck there


[06:26.77]May I do...?


[06:33.01]A:May I use your umbrella?


[06:36.77]B:Certainly,it's not raining,is it?


[06:41.42]A:No,it's sunny nad bright.I simply want to take a picture with an umbrella


[06:47.80]Would you object if I...?


[06:55.35]A:Would you object if I tum off the radio?


[07:00.21]B:No,it's noisy,isn't it?


[07:04.36]A:I wonder why the radio doesn't have a good reception these days.


[07:10.00]B:The signals are weak,I think.


[07:13.63]Feel free.


[07:18.07]A:Can I use your bike,Jim.B:Feel free.


[07:23.12]A:Thank you.Then I don't have to suffer in the crowded buses.


[07:28.99]B:That's why I cycle to work every day.


[07:33.15]No,of course not.


[07:40.09]A:Would you mind if I take off my coat here?


[07:45.14]B:No,of course not.I don't mind.Go ahead.A:Thanks.


[07:51.48]I'd rather you didn't.


[07:57.83]A:Could I open the window?


[08:01.88]B:Well,I'd rather you didn't if you don't mind.


[08:06.74]It's very draughty when you open the window .


[08:11.49]Just leave the door open.Will that be all right?A:All right


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