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饮食生活英语-Unit 05-下午茶

unit 5

      Afternoon Tea
  Useful Expressions
  A: Guest, Customer
  1. Could u pass me the sugar, pls?
  2. I prefer tea bags, they are more convenient.
  3. I like strong tea.
  4. This tea tastes kind of bitter. I think it's been brewing for too long.
  5. My favourite combination is jasmine and mint.
  6. Is this typical finger food for afternoon tea?
  7. What kind of tea is it?
  8. Where is this tea from?
  9. Do u serve traditional English tea here?
  10. Does this tea go well with milk?
  11. This cake is too heavy for me.
  12. What's in the trifle?
  13. How do u make the English trifle?
  14. Could u add some hot water to the pot?
  15. Can I switch the chocolate cake to blueberry cheese cake?
  16. What time does the afternoon tea start?
  17. What're the hours for afternoon tea?
  18. What kind of choices do we have with this order?
  19. What kind of fruit goes well with this tea?
  B. Host, Waiter
  1. Would u like jam with ur scone?
  2. What kind of jam would u like for the crumpets.
  3. Would you like to see that tea menu?
  4. Do u take milk in ur tea?
  5. Help urself to the sandwiches.
  6. Would u like whole wheat bread for ur sandwich?
  7. I suggest that u try our egg salad sandwich.
  8.This tea goes very well with milk.
  9. I can make ice tea of it if u'd like.
  10. It's made with whole wheat flour.
  11. Pls take out the tea bags after five mins.
  1. Going to an Afternoon Tea Party
  - Look at all these China silver and beautiful lilies. It feels I'm gonna having tea with the queen at Buckingham Palace. And u should have told us, this is going to be a formal tea party. So Roger and I wouldn't have come in t-shirt and jeans.
  - Oh, I didn't mean to make u feel uncomfortable about this setting. It's just that I have had those gadgets for years, but seldom use them. Don't worry! This is a casual gathering, and we're just going to have a relaxing time and a nice chat.
  - Did u buy all these from Britain? They're very beautiful.
  - I collected most of them while living in England. The China tea set was a fairy well gift from my landlady. Huh, she was a nice old English lady. We used to have afternoon tea together.
  - Do people really have afternoon tea everyday in Britain?
  - I think so! Tea is as important to British people as coffee is to Northern Americans.
  - Excuse me! The water is boiling.
  a. Brewing Tea
  - Do u need a hand?
  - Sure! Could u warm the pot for me?
  - Why do u warm the tea-pot?
  - To make sure the temperature remains high after we pour boiling water in the pot. We won't get the full flavors from the tea leaves if the water is not hot enough.
  - Em, that makes sense.
  - What kind of tea would u like? I've got a Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Orange Pekoe or would u prefer fruit and herbal tea? I can make 2 different pots if u like?
  - Do u have any decaffeinated tea! I've been trying to cut down on the intake of caffeine these days.
  - Sure! No problem! I'll make a pot of decaffeinated tea for u! I'll have Darjeeling. How much should I put into the pot? I usually use the tea bags, so the leaves don’t get everywhere.
  - Roughly one teaspoon for a cup. I prefer loose tea leaves, because they make the tea less bitter. We can use the strainer for the leaves later. Okay, help yourself to the food.
  - What did you put in these ham sandwiches, they’re good.
  - Just a touch of English mustard. Try the smaller ones, em, they’re cucumber sandwiches, typical food for English tea.
  - You have to give the recipe for the scones, oh! They’re fantastic!
  - These cream scones do taste better with some extra dried food, don’t they? Well, I think the tea is ready. Do you take milk in your tea, Roger?
  - Yes, and sugar, please.
  - How about you, Jenny?
  - I’m lack, toast intolerant, a slice of lemon will be fine.
  2. Ordering Afternoon Tea
  - Good afternoon, how many people?
  - 2, do you still serve lunch at this time? I’m sorry, lunch finished half an hour ago. Would u like to see the menu for afternoon tea?
  - What kind of food do you have for tea? I’d like to have sth. more substantial more than cake and the cookies.
  - It’s the traditional English tea; we have a sort of sandwiches, parsley baked scones, pies and a big selection of desserts.
  - That’s sounds fine with me. Well, I’m starving. Let’s just sit down and look at the menu first.
  - This way please.
  a. At the Table
  - Good afternoon, would u like me to introduce today’s special?
  - Do you have any good deal for two very hungry people?
  - I suggest that you go for the Royal Family Tea. It comes with five choices of tea sandwiches, scones and crumpets with jam and jellies and fresh pastries and chocolate.
  - 18 dollars for the Royal treat. Ok! I’ll try it. It’ll be better for good.
  - I think I’ll have the garden café afternoon tea, coming with 3 choices of finger sandwiches, scones and tea cake.
  - What kind of sandwiches can we have?
  - Anything you see on the menu here. Our smoked salmon sandwiches are quite popular.
  - Okay, I’ll have smoked salmon, roasted beef, turkey, tomato and bacon and cucumber for sandwiches.
  - I’ll have smoked salmon, ham and cheese and cucumber with watercress. What kind of tea would u like?
  - what is Assam?
  - It’s a black tea from India. It’s a bit strong and goes well with milk.
  - I’ll take Assam. How about you, Sherry?
  - I’d like to try their flavor tea, Apricot Delight.
  - Good choice! What kind of toppings would you like for the crumpets and scones? We have strawberry jam, lemon curd, cloddy cream and orange marmalade.
  - Sherry, why don’t you have jam and lemon curd? And I’ll have cream and marmalade. That way between us, we can try all the toppings.
  - Excellent idea!
  b. After the Food and Tea Have Been Served
  - Can I trade my marine for your peach tart?
  - Sure, take the coconut cream pie, too. I don’t like coconut.
  - Me, either. Excuse me; neither of us wants the cream pie. Can we replace with sth else?
  - Sure, you could try our mocha cream cake and English trifle if you like creamy dessert.
  - What’s in the trifle?
  - It’s pal cake, layered with strawberry purree, fresh strawberry and topped with lemon curd cream.
  - I’ll get the trifle. Sorry for the trouble.
  - No problem, madame.
  1. brew = to make a hot drink e.g. A freshly brewed coffee
  IDIOM: a witch's / evil's brew (an unpleasant drink with mixing different things)
  2. jasmine = a plant with white or yellow flowers with a sweet smell, sometimes used to
  make perfume and to flavour tea.
  3. finger food = food eaten with fingers, referring to the snakes.
  4. trifle ? slightly e.g. She seemed a trifle anxious.
  ?sth that is not so important or valuable
  ? a cold dessert (a sweet dish松糕) made from cake and fruit soaked in wine or jelly, covered with custard and cream.
  IDOMS:trifle with = treat sb/sth without genuine respect
  You should not trifle with someone's affection.
  5. crumpet小圆烤饼/软面包= a small flat round cake with small holes in the top, eaten hot with butter
  6. scone = a small round cake, sometimes with dried fruit in it and often eaten with butter, jam and cream spread on it.
  7. Earl Gray格雷伯爵= the title in the Peerage of the
  United Kingdom. It's created in 1806 for the General Charles Gray.
  8. Darjeeling欧式大吉岭茶= a delicate tea grown on the hills around Darjeeling (a city
  in Northern India)
  9. Orange Pekoe锡兰上等红茶= a superior grade of black tea; grown in India & Sri
  Lanka and Java
  10. Herbal tea清凉茶= tea-like drink made of leaves of various herbs
  11. mustard芥末= a thick cold yellow or brown sauce that tastes hot and spicy and is
  usually eaten with meat
  12. parsley = a small plant with curly leaves that are used for flavouring or decorating
  savoury food
  13. salmon马哈鱼= a large fish with silver skin and pink flesh that is used for food
  14. watercress水田芥=a water plant with small round green leaves and thin stems. It has a strong taste and is often eaten raw in salads
  15.Assam阿萨姆= a type of tea from the Assam state in northeast India
  16. topping = a layer of food that you put on top of a dish, cake, etc. to add flavour or to make it look nice
  e.g. baked vegetables with cheese topping
  17. lemon curd柠檬酪=a thick sweet yellow substance made from lemon, sugar, eggs
  and butter, spread on bread, etc. or used to fill cakes
  18.orange marmalade橘子酱
  19.Mocha cream cake奥地利朱古力蛋糕
  20. to layer = to arrange sth in layers
  21. puree = food in the form of a thick liquid made by crushing fruit or cooked
  vegetables in a small amount of water e.g. apple puree 

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