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饮食生活英语-Unit 04-午餐

Part 2:eating and drinkingUnit 4 lunch hour
  Useful ExpressionsA: Expressing the Feeling of Hunger 1. I’m starving. 2. I’ve got the munchies. 3. I haven't eaten anything since I got up. 4. My blood suger is so low that I have to get something to eat. 5. I get really grumpy when I’m hungry. 6. It’s not lunch time yet. Have a Gulaorou bar if you are really hungry.
  00:44B. Going for Lunch 1. It's almost lunch time. Do you want to go grab a bite to eat? 2. Let's go out for lunch. 3. Do you want to join us for lunch? 4. I often forget to eat lunch when I'm busy. 5. If you eat a big lunch, you’ll feel sleepy in the afternoon. 6. I don't have any appetite. 7. I have a lunch date. 8.We only have one and a half hours for lunch.
  1:23C. Ordering Lunch 1. Most restaurants are full at lunch time. 2. They have a special menu for the set lunch.
  3. I like something light for lunch. Soup and salad would be nice. 4. Let's order something take-out for the lunch meeting. 5. I don't drink at lunch. 6. Please order combo number 5 for me. 7. Could you ask them not to put onions on my sub? 8. How long does it take for them to deliver? 9. I'll trade my beef for your chicken.
  2:10D. Packed Lunch 1. I packed lunch today. 2. I usually don't like to pack lunch. It's too much work. 3. I'm running out of ideas for lunch boxes. 4. Is your lunch box microwaveable? 5. I need to heat up my lunch. 6. How long should I leave it in the microwave for?
  2:41Conversation: 1. Lunch Time Selections: - Do you want to have lunch now? I'm starving. - Where do you want to go for lunch today?
  - I don't care.You decide.
  - How about Subway? It's quick and easy, and you don't have to wait.
  - No, I'm sick of sandwiches.
  - OK, no sandwiches. We could go to the Joe's and have some polsa.
  - We've been lunch there three times this week.
  - I give up. I'm out of ideas.You decide for us.
  - Maggie from the accounting department went to that new restaurant across the street last week. She said it was pretty good.
  - What kind of food do they have?
  - I think it's a mix of Chinese and Vietnamese. I've got a flyer somewhere. Let me have a look. OK! Here it is. They have choices for the set lunch. For 5.99, you can have barbecue of meat with rice or vermicelli, a salad and a side order. For the side dishes , you can choose between spring rolls and fish cakes. - All the dishes look delicious in the pictures. I'm drooling. Why don't we decide what we want when we get there?
  - If we waited any longer, you'll have to carry me to the restaurant. 4:06
  A. Ordering Food - The lunch meeting will start in half an hour. I think we should order now. - Right. Last time we had Pizza. What should we order this time? - Do you want to order Chinese take-out? I've got a menu from Golden Sichuan. - I don't like hard and spicy food very much. - They have non-spicy dishes too. You could have sweet and sour pork with fried rice. - Why don't you order for all of us?
  - OK.
  B. Dinning
  - Hi, Golden Sichuan, may I help u?
  - Yes, I'd like to order lunch for take out.
  - What would u like?
  - I'd like 2 orders of fried rice Cantonese style, 1 order of Singapore rice noodles, sweet and sour pork, diced chicken with cashew nuts, spring onions with beef and fried mushroom with broccoli.
  - Would u also like some steamed rice?
  - Yes, please. How long would it take?
  - If u pick it up, it would be ready in about 15 mins.
  -Okay, how much is it?
  - It's 63.80 in total.
  - Someone would be there in 15 mins. Thank you! Bye!
  2. I packed lunch today.
  - Hey, Peter, are u coming with us for lunch?
  - I packed lunch today.
  - I see. What's in ur lunch box?
  - It's nothing special.
  - Just a chicken sandwich, some yoghurt and a banana.
  - What's ur lunch box made of? It doesn't look like the one's used in Taiwan.
  - Well, we usually use plastic boxes instead of stainless steel ones. The one that I used at elementary school had a spider man printed on the top of the box.
  - I'm sure my son can relate to that very well. Spider Man is his hero. Maybe I should make him some sandwiches sometimes. He's tired of having rice and stir-fry all the time.
  - I was tired of sandwiches and I was always looking forward to the treats my mother put in the box.
  - What kind of treats?
  -Usually I'd get a juice box, yoghurt, crackers with cheese, some carrots sticks and some fruit. But once in a while, she would put pudding and chocolate moose.
  - Em...Perhaps I should prepare some lunches' surprises for my son from time to time.
  - Yeah, u should! Kids love that.
  A. The Next Day
  - Hi, Peter, I brought my lunch today. Can I join u?
  - Yes, please. I didn't know u packed lunch too.
  - It was my son's Biandang. He forgot to take his lunch box to school this morning. I think he did this on purpose. He knew I put green peppers in it, and he hates them.
  - He could trade them for something else from his classmates. I used to do that when I got peas.
  - Well, I don't blame him. Green peppers turn yellow and saggy after being steamed for an hour. Nobody would want that.
  - Does it always take that long to steam the lunch boxes in Taiwan? With the microwave oven, u only need 2 mins.
  - In Taiwan these schools, the class size is a lot bigger. Can you imagine 50 students lining up for 1 microwave? I remember my school had a giant's teamer, it took up the space of whole wall. Every morning, all classes have their students on duty, deliver the boxes to the steamer room.
  - Interesting, so what do you usually prepare for ur son?
  - I try to make sure my son has rice, vegetables and lots of meat. He's growing and needs protein at his age.
  - U're such a good mum!
  munchies = small pieces of food for eating with drinks at a party
  Idioms: I have the munchies = I'm hungry.
  grumpy = bad-tempered and easily annoyed
  3. Gulaorou bar咕噜肉干ork in a sugar and vinegar sauce, popular in Cantonese cuisine
  4. grab a bite = eat quickly and simply
  5. combo = numbers of different things combined together, esp different types of food
  I'll have the steak and chicken combo platter(a large plate that is used for serving food).
  sub = submarine sandwich, a long bread roll which is split open and filled with meat, cheese etc.
  trade...for... = exchange
  8. Subway赛百味 = a fast food chain store, the world's third largest, belongs to Doctor's Associates. The first sub there was called Pete's Submarines
  9. Polsa = a traditional Swedish dish, similar in taste with haggie
  The main ingredients are liver, heart, onion, pot barley, and often beef mince or minced pork, mixed with stock, black pepper, and marjoram. It is usually served with boiled or fried potatoes, pickled beetroot, and sometimes a fried egg.
  flyer = a small sheet of paper as advertisement
  vermicelli = pasta in strings thinner than spaghetti
  Spaghetti /sp?'geti/ = a type of pasta in the form of long thin pieces like strings
  Macaroni /m?k?'r?uni/ = a type of pasta in the shape of hollow tubes
  12. fish cake 炸鱼饼 mixture of fish and potato that is made into a flat round shape, covered in breadcrumbs, and fried.
  13. drool = to let saliva come out of ur mouth.(an exaggerated way to show u admire sth.)
  14. diced chicken = chopped chicken
  15. cashew nuts 腰果the small curved nut of the tropical Am. Cashew tree, used in cooking or with alcoholic drinks.
  16. sring onion 小洋葱all onion with long, green stem and leaves, eaten raw in salads
  17. relate to = talk about e.g. Relate to us ur adventure.
  18. juice box = a small carton of fruit juice with an attached plastic straw
  19. Carrot stick = a stick of carrot eaten raw
  20. teamer = someone in a team.

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