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[00:00.00]Lesson 30




[00:06.35]It was a cold winter day.The wind had brought dark clouds and heavy rain,so it was impossible to take a walk.


[00:16.46]Eliza,John and Georgiana were gathered round their mother in the sitting-room.


[00:22.33]She lay on a sofa by the fireside,looking perfectly happy with her darlings about her.


[00:28.79]But she told me not to come near them because I was not a good child.


[00:34.66]I went to a small room next to the drawing-room.Taking a book from a bookcase,I climbed up into the window-seat.


[00:43.91]Here I sat behind the curtains and started reading.I was quite happy until I heard the voice of John Reed.


[00:52.85]\"Where is she?\"he said,calling to his sisters.\"Eliza!Georgiana!Jane is not here.\"


[01:02.38]I was glad that I had drawn the curtains,and I prayed that I should not be discovered.


[01:07.66]But Eliza was quicker than John.She said at once:\"She is in the window-seat of course.\"


[01:14.71]I came out immediately.\"What do you want?\"I asked.


[01:19.80]\"Say ’What do you want,Master Reed’,\"was his reply.\"I want you to come here,\"he added.And he sat down in an armchair.


[01:30.20]John Reed was a school-boy of fourteen;four years older than I,for I was only ten.


[01:38.85]He was big and stout for his age,with a large face and an unhealthy skin.


[01:46.92]John had not much love for his mother and sisters,but he really hated me.


[01:52.51]As I came up to his chair,he spent about three minutes in putting out his tongue at me.Then he hit me suddenly and hard.


[02:01.89]\"What were you doing behind the curtains?\"


[02:04.97]\"I was reading.\"


[02:07.03]\"Show me the book.\"


[02:09.25]I returned to the window and brought the book.\"You have no business to read our books,\" John Reed continued.


[02:17.40]\"You are a dependent,Mama says.Your father left you no money.You ought to beg,and not live with a gentleman’s children.Go and stand by the door.\"


[02:30.60]I did so.I turned round and saw that he was going to throw the book at me;I tried to avoid it,but it was too late.


[02:39.40]I was knocked over and fell against the door,striking my head and cutting it badly.The pain was very sharp.


[02:47.92]\"Wicked,cruel boy!\"I said.\"You are like a murderer-you are like a slave-driver!\"


[02:55.54]\"What!\"he cried.\"What did you say to me?Did you hear her,Eliza and Georgiana?I’ll tell Mama.But first-\"


[03:06.54]He ran at me and grasped my hair and my shoulder.But I was desperate now.


[03:12.71]I don’t know what I did with my hands,but I heard him cry for help.


[03:17.98]Mrs. Reed came.\"Take her away to the red room and lock her in,\"she said.Four hands then quickly carried me upstairs.


[03:27.99]\"For shame!\"cried the maid.\"To strike a gentleman,your young master!\"


[03:34.73]\"Master?How is he my master?Am I a servant?\"


[03:40.16]\"You ought to know,Miss,\"said the nurse,\"that you owe much to Mrs. Reed.


[03:45.31]She keeps you.If she turns you away,you will have to go the poor-house.\"


[03:51.47]These words were not new to me;so I did not answer.


[03:57.19]BOOKING A ROOM

[03:59.26]A:Can I help you?

[04:01.48]B:Yes,I’d like a room,please.

[04:03.98]A:Single or double?


[04:06.94]A:For one night?

[04:08.27]B:No,two nights.

[04:10.20]A:With a bath or shower?

[04:12.26]B:With a bath please.How much is the room?

[04:15.95]A:$68 a night,including breakfast.

[04:20.21]B:Can I pay by credit card?

[04:22.14]A:Yes,of course.Could you register,please?


[04:28.46]A:Your room number is 403.Have a good stay.

[04:32.88]B:Thank you.



[04:38.62]Isaac Newton(1642-1727),the great British scientist,was often so deep in his thoughts that he would forget to eat his dinner.


[04:51.50]One day a friend of his came out of his study.Dinner was put on the table but Newton did not come out of his study.


[05:00.25]His friend,who was used to Newton’s peculiar ways,sat down and waited for him.


[05:06.26]After waiting for quite a good while he decided that Newton must have been so deep in some new theory that he had forgotten all about his dinner.


[05:16.11]He therefore began eating the dinner without waiting for Newton and helped himself to the chicken which was on the table.


[05:25.04]When he had finished,he thought he would play a trick on his friend.


[05:30.32]He put all the chicken bones back on the dish and covered them with the dish cover.


[05:35.60]Then he quietly left Newton’s house.He was quite certain that his trick would work.


[05:41.92]Several hours later,Newton came out of his study,feeling very hungry.


[05:48.24]He saw the table had been set for dinner and so he sat down at his place.


[05:53.83]When he lifted the cover and saw the bones of the chicken,he was greatly surprised.


[06:00.15]He turned,looked at the clock,and saw that it was long past his usual time for dinner.


[06:07.33]\"Well,well,\"he said to himself,\"I thought I had not yet dined,but I see I am mistaken.\"


[06:15.12]Getting up from the table,he went back to his study and began to work again,thinging that he had eaten his dinner at the usual hour and had forgotten all about it.
























[07:03.50]next to


























[07:45.71]have no business to








[07:59.87]ought (to)




























[08:46.73]\"For shame!\"




[08:53.79]turn away
















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